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FortressFest 97 News:

Dec 10th, 1997 - Howdy!
This site will no longer be updated (FortressFest 97 is over! :) but I'll leave it online because the tutorial is still pretty valuable. Poke around if you want but don't expect this to be updated!

Dec 6th, 1997 - Congrats to all!
It was an awesome show, and I've updated the main page with thanks to everyone for putting it all together with me. Rock!

IceHawk's four-team King of the Hill party was a tremendous success, as was the CanalZone decapathon. The Decapathon went on for hours and hours, and I spotted several of my friends still on the servers well into the wee bits of the morning. As for the King of the Hill event, IceHawk sent me a full report that I'll post here. Thanks, Ice!

Dec 4th, 1997 - Fargo Resets His Watch, Overseas Coordinator & Engbat
Uh... oops! By the time I got around to posting information about some of our European/Russian events, they were already over! I'm too close to the International date line for my own good. My apologies. I will reschedule the European and Austrailian events if I can get a volunteer to make sure they happen--clearly I'm woefully inept at running things from the west coast, and in bed when they happen anyways. As for the Russians, well, they already had their matches and had a great turnout, congratulations to all who participated! If you're interested in resurrecting a European or Austrailian match, contact me and I'll schedule you in. Make sure I do it before the event is over, too. ;)

For the upcoming Engineer war, you may want to get the great Engineer Battle map. It wasn't included in the FortressFest map pack (hey, now that's starting to sound familiar...) It's a small file but the map is loads of fun. It was made by Someone, speaking of whom...

If you head over to Someone's TF page he's got some pretty interesting photos of the infamous Civilian battle from last night. It looks like Lumberjacks doing their impression of a Cheerleader convention. What have we wrought?

Dec 4th, 1997 - Russian Rampage Tonight, Classic TF Quotes
Peter "Dragon" Porai-Koshits gave me the lowdown on what's happening for the Russian Rampage, and it looks like Moscow and St. Petersburg are going for each others' throats in some wicked TeamFortress action tonight! See the schedule page for times and server info. In related news, the Russian Mirror of the FortressFest site was behaving a little more like the Russian Mir, but Roman reports that it's back up again at its new home:

Server problems: Though not as bad as at the beginning of the week, some servers still hang when attempting to change maps, pausing on "Intermission Think." What's frustrating is that they allow players to log in, but not respawn. This may be caused by a break in the map cycle, but even those who double-check that are still reporting problems. If anyone has any ideas for a fix, let me know.

Quote of the event: During last night's Sniper War, "El Presidente" was kicking some ass. When an irate victim accused him of cheating and then typed, "How did you shoot me? I was hidden behind the thing!" El Presidente, sniper extrodinaire, replied:

"All I need is one pixel."

Dec 2nd, 1997 - Saw-o-Thon Map and Newbie Help
I see some of the FortressFest servers are running a special map for Saw-o-Thon, called "HWHell." Sounds like a nightmare--I can't wait to try it out! If you need the map (It wasn't included in the map pack), you can grab it here:

I meant to post this earlier, but Loud Bob is running some Newbie training sessions on the ATMNet server. The first was tonight at 8:00EST (I'm looking at my watch and realizing that I already missed it! D'oh!) but he'll have a repeat on Thursday night at the same time. Meet in the IRC channel to get set up. Sorry for the late news update.

Editing conference tonight! Be a part of it! Because we like you!

Dec 1st, 1997 - FortressFest 97 Continues!
Point GameSpy toward the FortressFest Master if you're having trouble finding servers: (courtesy of Clan Oski.) Server admins, make sure you're listed with the master--people are having trouble seeing all of the servers. Speaking of which, we need more! All of the traffic is causing undue lag. Visit the Server Administrator page to find out what we need. And thanks again for your support! :)

Also, I've heard reports that servers get unstable if maps like Rock1 or spaz4 are set to more than 24 players or so, so server admins may want to be cautious with the big servers.

Nov 30th, 1997 - FortressFest 97 is Underway!
In short: The response was overwhelming, and we've got details to iron out. But hot damn, there are a lot of people playing Team Fortress! Right now we're suffering from a lack of servers--people are logged in, and they're ready to play -- but the servers are too packed. We need more! Visit the Server Administrator page to find out what we need. 

The opening ceremonies hit a hitch -- I had no idea that everyone would want to participate in the lighting of the torch, but apparetnly hundreds of people were trying to reconnect to the handful of opening ceremonies servers and lagging all the participants to death. ;) Nonetheless, I managed to snap a picture of a player named "Slosh" lighting the FortressFest flame. Way to be, Slosh! ... FortressFest 97 has officially begun!!

sloshed.gif (23487 bytes)

Nov 29th, 1997
One day until FortressFest! Everything seems to be in place. This is a great opportunity to get your Quake-playing friends hooked on TeamFortress if they've never bothered to try it out. For my part, I've managed to get the PlanetQuake crew absolutely addicted to SpazBall.

One little glitch--I heard news that the Russian Mirror of the FortressFest site will be down, possibly until Monday. So hang in there, guys.

Nov 28th, 1997
Server Administrators! Everything is ready. Head over to the Server Administrator Instructions Page for some scheduling information and server config downloads.

Only two days away, and FortressFest is shaping up to be one helluva ball! Check out this Russian Mirror of the FortressFest site, courtesy of Roman Kosenko. This is truly a worldwide celebration! Make sure you've checked out the new schedule, be sure you have all the downloads you need, and get ready to party!!

Nov 28th, 1997
Been busy answering the flood of email between bites of Thanksgiving dinner. :) I've made several changes to the Schedule, including the addition of a much-requested Engineer war. I've also removed the demo contest, for several reasons. A demo of any quality usually takes a crew to make, and we felt that we couldn't offer a big enough prize to make it worthwhile. Also, demo files can be somewhat large and I didn't want to jeopardize my mail server, nor did I have time to set-up/administer a solution via FTP. That and a general lack of interest was enough for me to cancel the contest. Feel free to record demos anyway, I may post a few if there's interest after the contest is over (we'll work something out.)

Server admins: Expect a page of configuration files to be placed on this site sometime today. Stay tuned to this newspage for details (and your mailbox, of course.) Thanks for your cooperation!

Nov 25th, 1997
UPDATE -- Mail will go out tommorow morning, the 26th. Sorry for the delay. :)

The response to FortressFest has been overwhelming! I'd like to thank the TeamFortress community for its support. I've just finished creating the FortressFest administrator's mailing list -- if you'd like to be on it and don't receive an email tonight, let me know. I'm meeting with some of the core team this evening to finalize some plans.

The organization of servers (One of FortressFest's top priorities) is going well, and we've got volunteers from the West coast, the East coast, Brazil, Europe, Russia, Austrailia, ...and even Ohio! The Austrailians in particular are ready to kick some ass. Please send me mail at if you're interested in running a server and haven't contacted me already. This is truly going to be a global event! Server admins, stay tuned to your email boxes for instructions and details on server configs. Thanks!

Nov 22nd, 1997
The FortressFest site is online! Our goal with FortressFest is twofold: We want to introduce as many new people to this great mod as possible, and we want to give the experienced players a chance to woop it up before everyone gets wrapped up in Quake II. A special thanks to PlanetQuake, GameSpy, and TeamFortress for making this event possible!

There are some important things that still need to get done before the celebration can begin. My first priority is to make sure that we've got enough servers ready to keep things running. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from the folks on the TF Server Admin list, and I've received some tips from the TF Open guys and bucketloads of help from the great people in Clan Oski. Thanks! If you have a server and would like to help, contact me at and I'll place you in all my communications. I'm especially in need of European servers at this point.

Meanwhile, I'm also looking for more events. Does your clan want to help make FortressFest a success? If you're interested in running an event ot tourney, contact me and I'll place you on the schedule. This is a worldwide party, and the more going on, the better!


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