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Schedule of Events
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FortressFest Schedule

IRC chat events will take place on, port 6667, on channel #fortfest, unless another channel is listed. Registered GameSpy users can use the integrated chat feature. Can't get on IRC? Don't worry, just jump onto a FortressFest server and join the fun!

FortressFest Servers will be scattered around the world. Use GameSpy to look for them. Note that not all FortressFest Servers will participate in all events, so throughout the week you can be sure to find pick-up games going on outside of the main events.

Date/Time Event Details

Sunday, November 30th

NOTE: Newbie and Veteran servers will be running throughout the week.
Sunday Nov. 30th
8:00PM EST

Opening Ceremonies


Kick off FortressFest 97 in style! Meet on IRC to chat with event organizers, arrange matches, and smack-talk to your heart's content. Then we'll hop onto a "Hunted President" map and a torchbearer will try to light the FortressFest Flame while snipers and demomen attempt to take him out.
Sunday Nov. 30th
7:00PM-1:00AM EST
TF Intoduction New to the game? Don't panic. Experienced volunteers will be on IRC to help get you started. Several beginner's servers will also be around for practice without pressure, and private servers will be available for group lessons. Log onto IRC for help.

Monday, December 1st

Monday Dec. 1st
7:00PM-1:00AM EST

Newbie Night

Settle gently into a lifetime of TeamFortress by practicing on some of TF's most classic maps. Now that you've got the basics down, learn team tactics and strategy on maps 2fort4, 2tech3, and well6. Coaching and help will continue to be available on IRC and on Newbie servers.
Monday Dec. 1st
10:00PM-Midnight (EST)
Ladies' Night! It's girls' night out on Monday --meet in IRC to join the other ladies and learn a few tricks of the trade. Special servers will be set up for practice. Here's your chance to learn the ins and outs of the game so you can beat on the men the rest of the week! Special thanks to GameGirlz and the Quake Women's Forum for their support.
Monday Dec. 1st
9:00-11:00PM EST
Rocket Jockeys TeamFortress Regulars can take a break from helping the new guys by duking it out in special "all-soldier" servers. Enough with the swishy little scouts and cowardly snipers!

Tuesday, December 2nd

Tuesday Dec. 2nd
6:00-8:00PM EST
(and again at:)
12:00-2:00AM EST
Attica! Attica! Attica!
(Rock Rampage)


Newcomers and veterans alike can Rock around the clock on one of TF's most interesting maps. Read the Tutorial Page to make sure you understand the rules.
Tuesday Dec. 2nd
8:00PM-10:00PM EST
(and again at:)
2:00-4:00AM EST
SpazBall Bash "SpazBall" is like pro sports on crack. The object is to get the SpazBall into the other teams' goal--mowing down the other team as need be. Learn to play at the tutorial page and join a FortressFest server to kick some rear! Special servers will be available to teams of seven who register on IRC for a formal game.
Tuesday Dec. 2nd
10:00PM EST
Editing for TF Conference Come onto IRC for a forum on Level editing for TF. The Rock and SpazBall's creator, Sgt. Thundercok, will be on hand as well as others.
Tuesday Dec. 2nd
11:00PM-1:00AM EST
The Saw-o-thon! The guys at the Sawmill requested this -- A whole map with nothing but HWGuys. The sound alone will give you chills.

Wednesday, December 3rd

Wed. Dec. 3rd
8:00PM EST
Sniper War Whole maps full of nothing but snipers. Welcome to hell.
Wed. Dec. 3rd
10:00PM EST
Debate: TF Classes Join us on IRC to vent against or defend the balance of TF's classes. Are snipers too powerful? Are pyros too weak? Should spies be included in TeamFortress for Quake II? Now's your chance to speak up!
Wed. Dec. 3rd
Civilian Fortress(!) Civilians. The local populace. Armed with axes. Weak. But they're all you got! Civilian Fortress is where the axe-murder is king and the best defense is a pile of bodies. You can thank Someone for the idea.

Thursday, December 4th

Thurs. Dec. 4th
7:00 GMT

European Invasion

Tired of having to wake up in the wee hours just to participate in FortressFest events? FortressFest takes a moment to honor the European TF community by partying on IRC and Europe's best TF servers during prime time. Das gut!
Thurs. Dec. 4th
8:00 (Sydney Time)
Outback Attack Same deal but down under. Here's the Aussie's chance to get together and kick some butt in Team Fortress's homeland.
Thurs. Dec. 4th
5:00-7:00PM EST
1:00-3:00 MSC

Russian Rampage
(Battle Between Two Cities!)
Russian servers are few and far between, but hopefully that won't stop our Russian TF friends from enjoying a night of carnage just for them.

Tonight is the battle between cities -- the Moscow and St. Petersburg TeamFortress Stars are going to duke it out! Servers:

Thurs. Dec. 4th
7:00PM-9:00PM EST
Demolition Derby Nothing but Demomen. This is gonna be da bomb.
Thurs. Dec. 4th
9:00PM-1:00AM EST
4-Team King of the Hill The Wolves Moon Clan is sponsoring this four-team rolling event. Four teams of seven players will compete on map 4f4. After a specified time limit, the winning team stays, and three more teams come in to challenge. Meet in IRC to form teams. Contact [WM]Icehawk for details.

Friday, December 5th

Friday Dec. 5th
10:00PM-1:00AM EST

Fargo's CanalZone Decapathon Fargo's favorite TF map becomes the battlefield in a night of urban warfare. A special walkthrough of the map will be followed by a night of strategic carnage.
Friday Dec. 5th
9:00PM-11:00PM EST
Sentry-Gun Showdown!
(Engineer War)
By popular demand... An Engineer war! Have you ever seen 10 engineers weenie-rush a wall of sentry guns? Now's your chance!

(Get the Engbat map -- a couple of the servers might run this one.)

Friday Dec. 5th
1:00AM EST
TF and Quake II: Let's Talk Will FortressFest 98 take place using the Quake II engine? Hop onto IRC to chat with the TF team about what's in store!

Saturday, December 6th

Sat. Dec. 6th
All Day
Hell in a Handbasket:
A potpurri of pain.
FortressFest is turning the servers loose--you never know what you'll find! There might be sniperwars, CanalZones, or four-way battles. Servers could be packed with Engineers or Civilians. Who knows what we'll get? Just log in and find out!
Sat. Dec. 6th
9:00PM EST

Random Clandomizer Contest [CANCELLED]

See the Newspage for details. Apologies for the inconvenience. We may do this event at a later date.
Sat. Dec. 6th
Midnight EST
Closing Ceremonies A somber farewell to FortressFest '97, including an IRC meeting to gather feedback on what we could do in '98.

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