Sad news - Guspaz - November 7th 2002

I have sad news for fans of GibHappy. As of today I am officially closing GibFactory. I can't fool myself any longer; Beta 2 is never going to be completed. I don't know if anybody cares about GibHappy any more, but to anybody who does, I thank you, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry I kept you waiting for so long, and I thank you for supporting my mod.

My biggest regret is that I didn't resume work immediately after the fateful hard-drive failure that took the half-completed Beta 2 from me. I waited too long, and by the time I tried to continue work on the mod, I found that I no longer had either the will or the want to finish it. And after so much time had passed, the GibHappy source looked alien to me when I looked at it.

I'd like to thank my friends for their support and testing, my users for their support, the people from the Effects mod who contributed some of the neat gib-candy that is found in GibHappy, PlanetQuake for hosting this site and their help getting up and running, but most of all, Haste, who's help and example made GibHappy possible in the first place. Your help throughout the course of my work was priceless, even if you don't think you did much, I couldn't have done it without you!

If anyone is interested in the source, let me know at my planetquake address, I'll post it in the download section of this site. Please be aware that the source will be provided as-is. The source is of Gibhappy Beta 1b, with a few steps taken towards Beta 2, but nothing major. Hopefully someone will finish Beta 2 and take GibHappy to where it deserves, to where I couldn't take it.

I'd like to ask PlanetQuake to leave this site up, for a while at least. People who want to try GibHappy as it stands today should be able to in the future, and if the site becomes dead, then it just becomes another few kilobytes on the server that doesn't bother anyone. Most of all I'd like to ask them to allow me to keep my planetquake email address, mostly because my ISP bills are delivered to it each month. The forums on the site will also be removed since they have no use anymore and just take up space. Thanks again PlanetQuake, for supporting the community like nobody else.

Info on trouble loading maps - Guspaz - May 5th 2002

If you have trouble loading maps using GibHappy, you must increase your com_hunkmegs. I reccomend the setting of 128, assuming you have enough memory. Due to the greatly increased number of entities Quake 3 needs to keep track of, it needs more memory. Once you do this you should no longer have trouble loading maps with GibHappy.

Beta 1b released! - Guspaz - April 20th 2002

Three months in the making, after a major code-destroying hard-drive crash, and a crippling game-fux0ring bug, The Gib Factory is proud to announce GibHappy Beta 1b, the newest version of our GibHappy mod. This new version is not the Beta 2 that you have all been waiting for; the crash took that out. But this version is an important step because it has cleaned up the code that survived the crash and got it back up to it's previous condition, not to mention getting me back in "the groove". Get it on the download page! Make sure you read the first question on the updated FAQ, it's important!

As to the counter, it's network-wide on the GameSpy network, and they are looking into that. Therefore it will fix itself.

Beta 1b to be released later today - Guspaz - April 20th 2002

After a few weeks of insanity, I've finally tracked down the evil bug that was plagueing my Beta 1a codebase... Today after work I will beta test Beta 1b and then release it to the masses! GibHappy LIVES! Oh yeah, and after work I'll also look into that broken counter.

HD crash - Guspaz - March 9th 2002

Bad news everyone: My Maxtor 80GB main drive has failed completely, and everything is gone. This is a huge set-back for me, as thism means that the latest source I have is Beta 1a. I'm going on vacation for a week, so it'll be a while until I even get a replacement drive. I'm thinking about releasing a Beta 1b, which has all the bug fixes from Beta 2, and the increased entities, just not the plasmagib or gib launcher, those will be delayed. And the Plasmagib was completely finished too... AARGH!

FAQ updated - Guspaz - February 19th 2002

I added a few more questions to the GibHappy FAQ, nothing major. This is also another "I'm still alive" post, and also to tell you that two of the three features for Beta 2 are done.

No, I'm not dead... - Guspaz - February 5th 2002

I know there has not been an update for a while, but I'm NOT dead, despite what some of you might think ;-)

Here's an update on the state of things. Firstly, Beta 2 progress. I'm working on the gib Plasma Cannon, I've got it firing gibs, I just have to work on getting the sound and bloodsplat changed. Also, for a change that is complete, and you can see in the Version History, Neil Toronto, author of Alternate Fire pointed out a way to increase the maximum local entities, which I've cranked up by 20 times. This means that more gibs can be on the screen at one time; no more gibbing multiple people and having blood and gibs pop OUT of existence in mid air. Don't worry though, this doesn't take up more bandwidth for multiplayer games, it's all on the client side. It may slow down your framerates though since more entities can be on the screen at one time. If this is the case, try turning down cg_gibfactor or cg_gibcannoncount.

In other news, I'd like to mention that I'm a beta tester for Valve, so I've been busy testing the new version of CounterStrike, and their new content delivery system, STEAM. I can't say any more, since I'm under an NDA, but let me say, it's very cool, and I'm enjoying the CounterStrike beta quite a bit.

And lastly, fed up with a stupid bug in WinXP, I went and made a fix for it, which you can check out here. It is the bug where WinXP stops booting up while loading startup programs, for 40-80 seconds. Very annoying.

That about sums up the news, so thanks for using GibHappy. Oh, and I feel really stupid, I just realized all the dates in the news posts were 2001. This has been changed.

GibHappy Beta 1a released - Guspaz - January 25th 2002

It's here! Beta 1a of GibHappy has been released. Here is a list of changes:

- Added green text to Q3 title screen to let you know when GibHappy is activated
- When the GibCannon is enabled, the death messages use "gib" instead of "rocket"
- When the GibCannon is enabled, and you pick up rocket ammo, instead of "Rockets" it says "Gibs"
- Grenade trail now shows smoke instead of blood
- When the GibCannon is enabled, and autoswitch is off, when you pick up the Rocket Launcher it says "GibCannon!" instead of "Rocket Launcher"
- Added spinning gibs instead of them just staying upright. Many thanks go out to the Effects mod!!!
- Upgraded installer to latest version of NSIS.

As you can see, this is primarily a bug-fixing and feature-completing release. The only new feature included is the spinning gibs, which come from the Effects mod (Thanks!)

Version History updated - Guspaz - January 20th 2002

I've decided that I will update the version history of versions yet to be released to allow you to see the progress of the mod. For example, I've added Beta 1a to the version history, even though it's not out yet, and I will update the changes made to Beta 1a as I make them.

GibHappy released - Guspaz - January 18th 2002

This is it! The moment you've all (At least, those of you who knew about it ;-) been waiting for: GibHappy Beta 1 has been released, and GibFactory has been launched. Surf over to the Downloads section to get your very own copy. Want to tell me what you think? Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Head over to the forums to tell me about it!

If anybody out there has a nice dedicated server, GibHappy really needs it's own server! If you set one up, either e-mail me about it (Click my name in the title of this news post) or post on the forums.

This mod would not have been possible without the help of several people. Here they are, in no particular order:

Nelson Gauthier, for implementing the GibCannon in Beta 1, when I would not have done it until Beta 2, and not nearly as well!
Matthew Keen, for providing super-prompt tech support, without his help I couldn't have launched this site!
The staff of PlanetQuake, hey, they're hosting me aren't they?
Stefan and Nigel for helping me beta test, your help was priceless!

Mod on schedule for release tommorow - Guspaz - January 17th 2002

W00T!!! The GibCannon is complete (And awesome!), and GibHappy is currently on schedule to be released tommorow (friday) night. What remains? GibCannon (Developped by Nelson Gauthier, who didn't want to wait until Beta 2 for a GibCannon ;-) source code must be merged into the main GibHappy source, the Pic of the Day for the site launch needs to be created, and we've got to beta test (My friends are looking forwards to that, I can tell you!)

See you tommorow!

Good news and bad news - Guspaz - January 16th 2002

What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Well, I'll give you the bad news: g_gibhealth cannot be implemented for various reasons beyond my control. But what is the good news? g_gibhealth will be replaced with g_gibcannon. That's right, with the release still scheduled for friday, Beta 1 will make it's debut with a fully functional GibCannon!

The GibCannon will be controlled by a server-side console variable. It will work exactly like the rocket launcher in every way; Same damage, same speed, same splash radius. The only different? The rocket launcher fires a random gib followed by a blood trail, and upon impact, instead of the standard explosion, it explodes into more gibs! YEAH!

First beta test complete - Guspaz - January 16th 2002

Well, while Beta 1 is not quite feature-complete, (still need to add g_gibhealth), both g_bodysink and g_gibfactor appear to be completed and functional. Looks like a release might not be as far away as I thought. I'm hoping I can launch friday night.

GibHappy launch delayed - Guspaz - January 16th 2002

Wow, time flies. To tell you the truth, this is my first mod. I slightly underestimated the work involved. The original version of this page reported that the mod is 95% completed. While this is true regarding the coding, you will notice that I have updated that figure to 75%. You see, I can't release GibHappy without some multiplayer testing, now can I?

Also, Gib Factory's launch has been delayed. While I had a final design when I submitted it to PlanetQuake, I still have had to modify the page. I've pretty much finished setting up the forums (The Forums button works now), and integrated the GameSpy ad banner into the site logo above.

Despite these delays, I _hope_ to release GibHappy, and launch Gib Factory this weekend. We'll see how things turn out. The site's pretty much done, now I just have to put the finishing touches on the mod and test it with some friends.

SITE PREVIEW - Guspaz - January 14th 2002

Welcome to a special preview of Gib Factory, the official site of the Quake III mod GibHappy. Gib Happy is a mod which introduces several cvars into Quake III which allow the client/server to increase the gibbing present in the game. Gibs produced by corpses can be multiplied or turned off, bodies can be set not to sink into the ground after 5 seconds, or their time before sinking increased, and the damage corpses must take before gibbing can be changed, or eliminated for instant gibbing. This sums up the features planned for the Beta 1 release, which is 75% complete, and should be released within a few days. Some future plans include a GibCannon, which is a replacement for the Rocket Launcher that fires gibs instead of rockets, and more gib-increasing features.

Enjoy this preview of Gib Factory. This site is mostly functional, though you will notice that the download links are not functional due to the mod's current state of not yet being released, nor does the forums link on the main page work, due to the lack of forums at the current point in time. Forums are planned once a suitable host is located. This site will not be posted at the host until shortly before the mod's release, instead a "Coming soon" graphic will be displayed (Click on link to view). Of course, the mod should be released in a few days, so the "Coming soon" graphic will not be up for long.