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Time Problems

    I am approaching final exams, time is more limited then ever. Therefor I will still read every mail, but not be able to answer all of them. Please use the message board for questions.

Mailing List

    If you want to receive the latest news about releases ect, then send a mail to fragitz, with the subject "GibStats Mail List" and your e-mail address as the only text in the message.


    If you have a bug to reports, suggestions or comments then send them to fragitz with one of the three words in the subject. In case of bugs please state the version you are using and (if appropriate) include a log, error message and your GibStats database. But zip everything beforehand.

    If you have question, look at the help file first. I did not go throught the pain of making it, so that I still get the same questions. I will always answer a mail, unless it is about something which can be found in the help file. As the volume of mail increases it might be that it takes some while to respond. Otherwise there would never be another version of GibStats.