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Quake 3 Arena Support
    GibStats III does support ID retail version of Quake 3 Arena (client and server logs). It does not support CTF and other mods. Read the help file to adapt GibStats to other mods.
Quake 3 Arena CTF Support
    GibStats does not support CTF and other mods. Read the help file to adapt GibStats to other mods.
Half Life Support
    I have been mailed for Half Life support a million times by now, but the answer is still: not possible. Half Life does not output any kind of log which could be used for statistics.

    May be someone is capable of writing a mod which implements the GS Log Standard or any other logging capabilities.

    If you have done so or know about a Half Life mod which does output a real log (kill, player information) then drop me a line.
Player names come out changed!
    Many unregular characters are removed by GibStats, therefor a name is displayed differently in GibStats then in Q1 or Q2.

Player names contain part of log messages!
    This happens if you read a client log of a mod that is not supported by GibStats. Look into the quake1data.cfg and quake2data.cfg file for the supported messages. You can adapt these files to a new unsupported mod. Goto the GibStats help file to have a look.

Scores are not diplayed correctly!
    First make sure that you have not limited the data display to a particular weapon. Secondly you might have read the log client of an unsupported mod. Therefor not all kills are recognized.

GibStats does not recognize the rename of a player!
    GibStats does not rename players if they rename in a Quake game for the following reason: cheating. For example: I find out who is the best player on some statistics page. I log into the server with his name and then change his name to mine. If GibStats supports renaming the best player will not be called by his original name anymore but by my name.

Linux support?
    GibStats will not run under linux. I will not port it to linux, unless someone tells me of an easy way to port VB to linux. But linux logs are supported by GibStats. You may therefor run a linux server and have him log the games and then transfer the log (automatically) to some W95 machine running GibStats.

    Someone is currently working on a linux version and progress looks promising.

Will support for other mods' client logs be added?
    Yes and no. I do not have the time to play every mod for hours to find out how it works what weapons it includes and what the death messages are. But many people play these patches and have all the needed knowledge to implement support. Therefor you are needed to implement your favorite mods messages. I will release such support if sent to me asap. Read the help file for instructions on how to implement the messages.

Can I transfer data from one database to another?
    No, it it not possible. But you can read the logs of the one database into the other.