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Friday May 11 2000

GibStats III Ver 0.99 released

    This version does not bring any new features but fixes a serious bug. GibStats produces wrong stats when reading Q3A server logs and players are connecting and disconnecting again. If this might concern you then head over to the download section.

Saturday May 5 2000

GibStats III released

    After a long pause finaly I found some time to implement support for Quake 3 Arena. This version of GibStats will read client or dedicated server logs. When reading dedicated server logs GibStats III does also support time played, frags per hour, armor and health

    It does not support CTF properly as the scores are not logged properly by Quake 3 Arena. Either ID or some mod has to change the way the scores are logged in CTF.

    I did not have enough time to check all features of GibStats. But all the standard stuff is working. RTS has been disabled as it is not supported by Quake 3 Arena.

    For a list of all tables, charts, export options GibStats III is supporting go to the features section.

    Some sample screenshots are below. Click images to enlarge.

    Weapon Chart  Ranking Chart

    Ranking Table

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