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Player Statistics

    This is the table of players and their scores of a game (several maps) of CTF. Listed are all Frags and the CTF scores. Further down you can see the same game being displayed as a graph.

    You may display this table as all games, one particular game or one particular map of a game. There is also an option to display only one certain map, which has been played several times to find out who is playing well on which map.



    Left: The table above is displayed here as a graph. You can choose which games/ maps/ patch, which weapon and specify which specific figure, like deaths, kills, frags, flag captures etc., is displayed as a graph. You can also display the weapon usage of each player in percent of all his frags and in rleation to all frags of all players.

    Besides displaying individual players, you can also display a Clan or CTF (RED/BLUE) team as a graph.

    Right: Display of frags by player and by weapon of a map/ game/ patch.

Player vs Player

    With this screen you can directly compare individual players. All data of a player and his opponent is displayed as a table.



    You can display the current ranking of individual players by any data item (kills, deaths, frags, suicides, flag captures ...) that is recorded by GibStats.

    You may display a ranking for all games, one game or an individual map.

    Each of these then may be displayed for 'All Weapons' or a particular weapon

CTF Team Scores

    This is an example of how GibStats displays the team scores.

    Here it displays the scores of the red and blue team of several CTF maps played in one game.

    The same game can also be displayed showing the individual players and their scores.

Clan Scores

    Clan Scores may be displayed for all Clans, a specific clan or single map a clan played against another clan (preview of GibStats 0.9).

Single Player Stats

    This mode enables you to analyse a single player of the database. GibStats will display the weapon data of the player and his effectiveness handling these weapons.

    Furthermore it displays his favourite targets and killers of the player. Also any high scores of that player are listed.

    All scores (by games, maps and weapons) are displayed as a Player matrix.

    You have almost all data of a game on one screen


    This table shows you who is on a given game or map holding the highscore of all categories (each weapon, frags, death, etc)

Data Display by Map Name

    All of the above tables may be display by games and/maps, but also by Map Name.

    GibStats searches the database for all Map Names and you can then choose which map you want to view, whereby all scores (regardless of the game or map) of this Map Name are added