Bitchen GNB image by Ryan "Sub-Zero" Markley


The Game Name Builder is a new program that allows you to easily create custom names in today's online games!

We support the Quake 3 test!
Quake 3 test

The Game Name Builder has built in support for Quake 1, QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Quake 3, Hexen 2, HexenWorld, NetStorm, and any other game which utilizes ASCII characters, whether it be in Windows font, DOS font, or of its own font type.

Fun and not forgotten, Quake 1 is supported too

With full GUIs & WYSIWYG name bars, characters detailed with a graphical and text representation, and many saving options, The Game Name Builder is a versatile tool which will have you looking l33t in the least amount of time.

More features than Inspector Gadget
Text descriptions are one of many features in the GNB.

The Game Name Builder is unlimited use Shareware, so you can name it up for as long as you like.  Registrations are used to further the development of this program, and registered users receive a registered only version of the GNB with even more features.

Ally with the Spy - GameSpy owns
Use GameSpy?  GameSpy 3D is the world's biggest and best server browser, and GameSpy support is an example of a registered only feature of the GNB.

So why should you use The Game Name Builder?  It's a matter of features, the Shareware version of The Game Name Builder gives you more features than any counterpart offers.  Here's a breakdown of what you can look forward to when you use the GNB :

  • Large, bright, colorful characters which are easy on the eyes and provide point and click simplicity.  If you have a question about a current character, the answer is only a mouse movement away -- all characters have a text description of what they are.  If you STILL want to see even more of an image, simply right click on it and select the expand image option to get a zoomed view of it.
  • A "what you see is what you get" AND text interpretation of what will appear in the game.
  • Many, many options to save your name, including raw formats, scripts, configuration writing, and in the registered version, GameSpy support.
  • Support for all kinds of games, including the Quake 3 test, Quake 1 / QuakeWorld, Hexen 2 / HexenWorld, Quake 2 FNS (Fun Name Standard) MODS (such as Viking or rivCTF), NetStorm, and any game which supports high ascii characters!
  • Useful help documentation, so even a newbie can get their fun name running in the least amount of time possible.
  • All kinds of little extras, such as the ability to change your GNB colors, a convenient registration program, a generic mode which lets you create names with high ASCII characters in DOS or Windows font, and more.
  • We support the most games, just check out this roster :
  • We are the standard in which other name making programs base their products and updates on.  Often copied, but never beaten, The Game Name Builder owns!


Want to see more? Be sure to check out the screenshots area!

Thanks for your interest in The Game Name Builder!  Feel free to check out the site and download a copy of the shiznat in fun name software - The Game Name Builder.

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