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Registration Information

The Game Name Builder shareware is already a great program with the most features available in a fun name editor.  How do you improve on this?  You register!!!

What do I get for registering?

 A lifetime of free updates and additions.
 GameSpy 3D  support.
PingTool shared buddy lists support.
 Further developments which will include more registered only features.
 Prompt technical support via email.
 That "peace of mind" that Shareware authors are always insisting you get :).  All registrations help us immensely, as it allows us the extra time and resources to work on The Game Name Builder.  

Alright, how much is this thing gonna set me back?

  If you choose to use the KAGI service, the glory that is namefun can be yours for a mere $10 American.
  We also still offer our original deal which does not utilize the KAGI service but costs only $10 Canadian.

Ok, so how do I pay you?

Registering is about as simple as sending a single email!

First, you must make a choice whether or not you want to use the KAGI online registration service.  If you wish to pay via Credit Card (we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, EuroCard and Diner's Club), non Canadian cash, or with an American cheque, then we suggest using KAGI.  If you wish to pay with Canadian cash or a Canadian cheque and don't mind waiting for the postal service, then we suggest the original deal.

For people who want to use the KAGI online registration service :

  Download the shareware version of The Game Name Builder and install.  Then run the program REGISTER.EXE contained in the Game Name Builder directory.  Fill out the form, press the copy to clipboard button, then send the email it generates!  Easy!

And for those who wish to take advantage of our original deal :

  I will accept either cash in Canadian funds or a cheque drawn in Canadian funds.  I will also accept American cash or cheques, however, they will be accepted at face value with no account given to exchange rates.  If you intend to send cash via the mail system, please disguise it, as we cannot be liable for cash lost in the mail.  All cheques are to be made out to "Jason Sutherland".  Include a note indicating how you would prefer to receive your registered version (see below).  Please send all orders to :

Mr. Jason Sutherland
2814 E.43rd Ave.
Vancouver, BC 
V5R 2Z2

And how will I receive my registered version?

  Upon receipt of payment, you may receive your registered version of The Game Name Builder via two methods.

  • Email - the quickest and most painless method of receipt is having The Game Name Builder sent to your personal email address.  It will only be approximately 1.5 megs in size, so it should fit in any mail box, even the free ones like hotmail.  If you wish to receive your order in this manner please email me here and let me know that your payment is en route, and you would like to receive The Game Name Builder via your email address.
  • Disk - if for some reason you don't have an internet provider at the time or something equally horrible happens, you can opt to have a disk sent back to you.  You MUST send a self addressed stamped envelope for me to send your disk back to you (I provide the disk, you provide the postage).  Upon receipt of your payment and SASE, I will send a 3.5" floppy disk back to you.  Please allow sufficient time for the postman to deliever it or he may get disgruntled.
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