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painQuinDoom3 - again
3rd August 04
semicolons will be the death of us all
I have Doom3. All we need now is a mod SDK

*stares intently at id*
27th July 04
Do NOT eat with the furry spoon.
Doom3 is coming out... I plan on porting to it when I have the time. The more people respond favorably to this notion, the sooner it will happen - respond favorably here
31st August 03
*smahes the evile typo demons*
been a while since I updated, so this is just to let you know I'm still around.
Gods of War, as a mod, is pretty much done as far as gameplay is concerned. If there's any bugs, I don't know about them, and so the only thing left is to have some voice acting, some graphics, and some other sound stuff added in to give the mod a really 'polished' look. I have a cable modem these days, as opposed to my old 12kbps connection (entirely the fault of the local phone company) which means not only can I get some online gaming down, I can even host small servers. If you join the official GoW irc chan, #GodsofWar on irc.enterthegame.com, then we can organise games. Also, watch the PlanetQuake poll for a question about what MOD goes on the PQ server - give us the vote!

That is all. Kirk out.
2nd June 03
low blood sugar + packet loss = sucky quake3
I made a quick movie based on the Freeze spell, it's in the files section
basically an animated version of the most popular screenshot
painQuin0.7 finally out
29th March 03
low blood sugar + packet loss = sucky quake3
ok, I know I said it'd be out like 6 months ago or something...
but here it is!
and it includes Bandm2 - Temple of the Lost God, a FFA/TDM map by Bander
which is why it's nearly 2mb, as opposed to the old six or seven hundred k
alright, head over to the files page and grab this one quick... cause it's big...

also, looking for people with voice acting abilities
mail me
painQuinTime off
28th October 02
Blistex 0wnz
I'm taking a bit of time off from working on GoW to work on a new project, Dark Ages
(the site's not ready yet)
it's a medieval team-warfare mod for Q3, and I won't be the only person working on it
this will be my first time really working on a team, so wish me luck and remember to check on the mod's progress from time to time
I hope to be able to use some of the talent from Dark Ages to help me with GoW eventually
as I write this, I see an ad banner that shows something that looks remarkably like Firestorm...
back on topic, I feel that GoW is finished enough to be playable even though it doesn't have much in the way of maps (will have some of those up soon, btw) graphics or sounds, so I don't have any problems with leaving it alone since I can't fill those gaps by myself
painQuincosmetic fixes and a new beta soon
18th October 02
I seem to have buttoned my shirt without knowing it.
The next version, 0.7, will be mostly cosmetic fixes and some prep stuff for when the maps come out (but that doesn't affect anything right now)
fixes include:
water won't warp view during Drought, and the movement prediction works
gow no longer grunt in pain from falling
my additions to the hud have been reorganised so you can see the playing field better

there'll be some beta testing today and I'll probably have it up for download either tonight or tomorrow morning
(if you're interested in beta testing, go in the irc channel)
28th September 02
I seem to have buttoned my shirt without knowing it.
I'm working on putting together a map pack to go with the mod, so far there are two maps in progress, one by Bander and one by Ro4dDogG
I'm hoping to get maps that cover CTF as well as Deathmatch games, with several different styles of layout and design
a few people ask me why I want special maps just for the mod when it works with regular maps as well... my answer is that there's too much that a mapper can take advantage of to just use the regular maps, design aspects like items buried in lava (Drought), hanging in midair (Launch), or using potions and spell blocking to restrict the use of certain spells

so, if you're interested in mapping, have suggestions/flames, or just wanna hang out, the official (read: only) Gods of War IRC channel is #GodsofWar on irc.EnterTheGame.com
you can also email me @ painQuin@planetquake.com
painQuinrevised about
28th September 02
*smahes the evile typo demons*
Black_Baron has been kind enough to rewrite the about page, complete with background story(!)
go check it out, especially if you're new here
painQuinnew beta
19th September 02
I seem to have buttoned my shirt without knowing it.
a new beta - 0.67 - is now up
I fixed a bunch of bugs, added a few features here and there, etc etc
it's fun! it doesn't crash! it works the way it's supposed to! download it now!

those of you who actually pay attention to this sort of thing will notice that the file is actually smaller than the release before it... there was some redundant stuff in the pk3
painQuinNew Site
25th July 02
semicolons will be the death of us all
This is it: the new site, all shiny PHP and SQL goodness.
I'd say the mod is about 50% done.. if anyone wants to contribute, I'm looking for sound effects, models, and maps.. and of course, a server would always be welcome

What is your favorite spell?

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