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Added a links page, where i'll collect all links related to the script, and I also added a new download mirror, courtesy of Clan GIR

If anyone should feel like putting a link somewhere, you can now use this neat'o icon I just made. Remember to send me a notice, and I'll link back. :-)

So .. its the big 4 point oh release, and boy, do I have something in store for you guys. (Girls? Anyone? ;-)
Check the new feature here : GoPlay Docs, and then quickly, to the bat-download-page. ;-)

Please note, I am making a standalone version of the GoPlay feature, so other people, without GameSpy, are able to join the server you are playing on, it will be online in a couple of days.

Another mirror has popped up, thanks for the support guys :-)
Check the download page, if you haven't yet gotten the newest version of the script

That was fast .. Win a 2 has graciously offered to mirror the script, so now you guys (and gals?) have an alternative to the FilePlanet download. Head on to the download page to get the new script.

As a small thank-you for the mirror, here's a link to a LAN party they are having (Beware, page is in german ;-)

Yep, v3.4 is on the streets. Again, not much new was added to the script, as regarding to functionality, but a lot of error-handling, and streamlining of the script has been done.
I have a great idea for a new feature, check back often, as I intend to get this done ASAP.

Also, some people have been complaining about the FilePlanet mirror, and although I can sympathize, there's not much I can do about it, as I have no other places where I can put the files online.
If anyone outthere are willing to mirror the script (its a measly 63k), please mail me the link, and i'll put it up on the download page double-haste.

Finally .. a new release. I have been getting a LOT of email, and I have simply been to lazy to reply to any of it, but now i've read it all through, and recoded the script quite a bit.
My lazyness can mostly be contributed to me not having been playing online at all for the last many months, but now I have discovered Deathmatch Classic, and Science & Industry (2 GREAT MODs for HalfLife), and they have awakened my online-playing lust :-)
Anyway, download the latest version, and give me feedback, as my regular beta team seem to have disappeared. I dont think that any major bugs have snuck in, as I haven't been adding any new functionality, just recoding.

I think that it will be best if you remove the old installation, and install this from scratch (Meaning, delete the alias_playgame.ini, remote_playgame.ini, mIrc-GameSpy.ini and mIrc-GameSpy-User.ini, and then reinstall)
This is a good idea, because most of the data contained in the .INI files have been moved to hash-tables. (No, not that kind ;-)
Also, its very important that you upgrade to the latest version of mIrc, as the script simply wont start if you have a version prior to v5.91
On a sidenote, I have also updated the docs, yay me. :-)

Again .. sorry for the delay .. No BIG bugs have been reported, mostly minor ones, which I in part think is user-caused. But, along with the release of CS1.1, I will look at script once again, and refine it (got a couple of ideas for some enchancements)

Yes, i'm still alive :-) I've been involved in some rather time-consuming web projects for the past couple of months, and have not been able to follow through on a much needed update for the script
A lot of people have reported bugs to me (the LaunchInfo error, and some problems with Mod/Nick associations), and I promise that I will look into these in the very near future (start January)
So, just keep them emails flowing, and, if possible, try and be a little more specific in your error reports (eg. "Script dont work, fix now!" doesn't help me a whole lot ;-)

At last i've had some time to do some work on the script again. Thank a lot for all the feedback from you guys out there.
It seems that a lot of players are using my script, and this in turn makes some of them actually write me, some with bug reports (<shudder> :-), and some just to tell me they like the script, but all in all i'd like to say thanks for the people that take the time to actually contact me.
Anyways, version 3.1 of the script is out today, adding some new things, fixing some bugs etc. Go download
Yes, docs are still not up2date, so sue me, i'm a lazy bastard ;-)

Damn, 10.000 hits, someone outthere sure must like what I do with this script. :-)
Thanks to all the positive feedback from a couple of users, your bugreports/ideas made this script to what it is today.

Released 3.0Beta2, with some minor changes. Haven't heard from a lot of users about 3.0B1, and I take this as a sign that its working great. :-)
No, docs still haven't been updated, but check the information for an important piece of info

3.0Beta1 is out for testing. Included is a much wanted change-nick-based-on-what-you-play feature :-)
As I haven't been able to test this extensively, I would very much like feedback and bug reports, so we can get the script up to v3.0 release status.
Bug reports should be mailed here
(And yes, the docs haven't been updated, so you are on your own there .. shouldn't be too hard anyway :-)

v2.3 released, I'm running out of ideas on how to extend the script :-).
If you miss something in the script, please send me a mail.

v2.2.1 released, bugfixes is the name of the game.

A month later, v2.2 hits the streets (a little later than planned, but, I have a life outside of scripting .. yea, RIGHT! ;-)

Phew, GSM Script v2.0 is out .. at last :-)

First release of the Roger Wilco Info script

Released GSM Script v1.3.5

Released GSM Script v1.3.2, both English and French version

Released GSM Script v1.3.1

Added RWI (Roger Wilco Information) script structure, the script itself will follow shortly.
I have, unfortunately, been busy, and haven't really had the time to create a better looking website before now.

PlanetQuake offers to host me, I gladly accept. :-)
(Started developing a new site, with more info, and better design)

Release of GSM v1.3 Beta

Major bug fix, GSM v1.1.1 released

First public release, GSM v1.1

First working release, GSM v0.91b