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::In The Works:: ::Adiemus|07/16/02::

We are currently working on a total revamp for the mod itself. Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • New menu system using the TA menu code
  • New skins for the weapons
  • New skins for the model classes
  • Some new code for the weapons
  • and much more.

We do not really have a time frame for everything but we will keep you posted.

::It's Here:: ::Adiemus|07/16/02::

We have finally finished the forum and are not taking posts for problems, suggestions and help. Just follow the link to the left there and you will be on your way.

::New GQ Released:: ::Adiemus|06/24/02::

This new release is packed full of many new features that Gleeb has coded into it. Some of the features include:

  • Particle system tweekage with no more graphical errors
  • Skyboxes as per the existing standard
  • Funky new command called 'i'

Head on over to the GQ section to find out more information about each of these new features.

::chat room opened:: ::Adiemus|06/17/02::
  We have opened a chat room on irc.gamesnet.net #gZone. You'll find gZone staff and fellow gamers there, and you can discuss things like the MOD itself, clans and just general chit chat.

::new page launched:: ::Adiemus|06/06/02::
  After many hours and weeks of work the new page layout is finished and looking very well. We have put together a better page then before and have made it easier to navagate. We hope that you enjoy the new page.

::new menu and hud system:: ::Adiemus|06/06/02::
  We are currently working on a new menu and HUD system for the mod, we are using the Team Arena Menu and HUD system to make our new mod better then it was before.
lava fetish | Gleeb
This is gleeb's 1st map so please be gentle on it