This is a combined release for Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP and Linux. You need to compile the Linux executable yourself by simply running "make" in the SRC folder (and uninstall with "make clean"). Source code, Linux makefile and project files for MS Visual Studio 6 and Bloodshed Dev C++ are included.  2002-05-08, 143k Source included!

[If you have problems getting it from the FTP-Servers or if the Fileplanet mirrors don't yet have the latest build, try this HTML-link:]

Download idDA v1 build 106, the latest development version of idDA: 1999-12-16, 91kWorks with Q2 and QW demos and logs

[If you have problems getting it from the FTP-Servers, try this HTML-link:]

Download the idDA v1 source code: 1999-04-29, 55kPlease read the release notes!

Download the latest release version of idDA: 1998-12-04, 71kThis one seems to be the last v0.99 build


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