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Latest updates:
7/20/2001 - Plasmaworm Pimpage.
7/15/2001 - Released IK3DM2, a Q3A deathmatch level.
3/15/2001 - New version of IKZDM1.
2/23/2001 - More weirdness somewhere around here.
4/10/2000 - Something very strange here.

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Welcome to my new website at PLANETQUAKE!

Here you will find my add-on LEVELS, Quake MODIFICATIONS including AIRQUAKE TC, as well as TEXTURES and game-related UTILITY software I have created. Finally, you can check out my list of LINKS to gaming and other sites.

This site is designed to run at resolutions of 800x600 and above, and load as fast as humanly possible to make it friendly to modem users (thus, don't expect pretty graphics; I'm trying to keep it very simple and slick). The web browser I test my site in is Netscape.

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This section contains semi-detailed information on what's going on at this site and maybe even in my Real Life (tm). I try to update it every time I add something to the site...

7/20/2001 - Plasmaworm Released

Yes, this space still exists... What I was going to say is, I and some friends of mine just released a little arcade game thingy called Plasmaworm. You can download a demo with four levels or buy the full version for $10. Go to This site and check it out! (Click on "INFO" for ordering information)

8/3/1999 - Out to Finland

I'll be back in two weeks or so... Until then, I probably won't be checking my email on a regular basis since I'm not taking my computer with me.

7/12/1999 - Alive ;-)

Just in case you were worried, I'm still here. Even my puter is OK... Its intestines just had got loose during the move and I fixed it easily.

Oh, I made that IKDM6 level in case anybody still plays Q2.

5/25/1999 - Changes

In case you didn't notice, my email address has changed. Do NOT send any email to iikka@ionstorm.com anymore. The correct address (as in the "email" link above) is fingers@mail.planetquake.com.

In the other news, my home computer is currently broken. Please don't send me any bug reports right now.. I can't do anything until my machine is fixed.

By the way, Boston rocks.

4/17/1999 - New design finished

Everything except for the AirQuake site has been redone. Enjoy!

4/12/1999 - New design

I got tired of the stereotypical "game site with a black background" look, and decided to do something completely different... And here it is, the new IKQ with 75% less fat and a new, friendlier flavor!

Technology-wise this site is a little more advanced than it may look... It uses styles and tables that might not work in older versions of NS or IE than 4.0. Also, I'm converting all the downloads to use Planetquake's download center to make it easier to use the mirror sites.

4/2/1999 - /me turns 22!

Some people celebrate their birthdays by going out and getting drunk... I celebrated mine by making a few dozen new textures for your favorite texture wad on Tuesday 3/30 ;-) There's also a Q2 version available, so go and grab em from the art page.

11/24/1998 - MERCY PPM released

All right, here you go. I made a Quake2 PPM. Download it at: http://www.planetquake.com/dl/dl.asp?ikq/mercy.zip.