IKQ - Copyright Iikka Keränen 1996-1999

QUAKE AND QUAKE2 ART - Last updated 1/15/2000

Latest updates:
1/15/2000 - Added IKBASEQ3 texture set for Quake3:Arena
11/10/1999 - Added some more textures to IKBASE for Quake and Quake 2
4/13/1999 - Made this page for textures and other art, with the new design.
4/2/1999 - Added new IKBASE textures for Quake and Quake 2
11/24/1998 - Added MERCY PPM for Quake 2


This is more or less a "misc" page for things I've made that don't fit any other categories than "art"... Currently this includes game textures, models and skins.

TEXTURE PACKS - quality custom textures for add-on levels.
PLUGIN PLAYER MODEL - a nice Quake 2 PPM I made.
MY QW SKIN - if someone happens to want it... sigh.


I've been making textures for my levels since the days of DOOM... In the last two years I've created a couple of texture sets for Quake and Quake2, high enough quality to release them here. You can download them below. (Click on the screenshots to enlarge)

IKBLUE - Quake and Quake 2

This is my first completely original texture set for Quake engine games. I originally created these textures for IKSPQ series of Quake levels, and ended up using them in three maps (ikspq2 through ikspq4). The set contains about 40 different textures.

You can download this texture pack at:
Quake - ikblue.zip (150k)
Quake 2 - ikblueq2.zip (140k)

IKBLUE textures in GLQUAKE

IKBASE - Quake and Quake 2

My second set of textures, originally designed for the famous IKSPQ5 - The Secret Installation. This set is a lot larger and more varied than IKBLUE, containing over 180 textures in "military base" theme that's regular enough not to distract players, yet unique in style. Thus it's no big surprise that it's been used in dozens of third-party deathmatch levels since its original release in 1997.

IKBASE texture set has been updated 11/10/1999, adding better floor textures, some 32x128 panels, and most importantly, step textures.

You can download this texture pack at:
Quake - ikbase_r2.zip (750k)
Quake 2 - ikbaseq2_r2.zip (1.0 meg)

IKBASE textures in GLQUAKE

IKBASEQ3 - Quake 3: Arena

My first attempt at high-resolution truecolor textures... Continuing the legacy of the original IKBASE textures (above), this set has a lot of stained concrete and metallic beams. I also made some new sky textures since the ones in Q3A, well, just don't do it for me, especially in 16bit. This texture set supports CTF in the way it has red and blue versions of many of the textures. Additionally, the "standard" color of trims is greenish so you can build levels for 3 teams as well.

The lower quality textures need to be in a pk3 file in order to work in the game. They're best suited for publicly distributing your level since they're much smaller and maps usually come in pk3's anyway.

You can download this texture pack at:
Low quality JPG - ikbaseq3_lq.zip (1.1meg)
High quality TGA - ikbaseq3_hq.zip (6.8 meg)

select IKBASEQ3 textures


MERCY - A Quake 2 plugin player model (PPM)

My first attempt at Quake 2 modelling, animating and skinning. Actually it turned out pretty good, and I'm very satisfied with it except for some of the animations.

The model includes CTF skins made by Supreme_B, an additional skin by Sharpnel, and a sound pack created by RedChurch.

Download: mercy.zip (1.3M)



FINGERS1 - A QuakeWorld player skin

My first Quake skin... Back when I made it I thought it was cool; now its value is mostly the nostalgic kind. But it's kinda cute. :-)

Download: fingers1.pcx (30k)