IKQ - Copyright Iikka Keränen 1996-2001

QUAKE 1/2/3 (AND OTHER) LEVELS - Last updated 7/18/2001

Latest updates:
7/18/2001 - New version of IK3DM2 with bug fixes.
7/15/2001 - Added IK3DM2 deathmatch/tournament level for Quake 3 Arena.
2/23/2001 - New version of IKZDM1, now with teamplay location markers.
2/23/2001 - Added IKZDM1 deathmatch/teamplay level for Quake 3 Arena.
4/10/2000 - Added IKBROWNY deathmatch level for *gasp* Doom2!


Welcome to my collection of Quake and Quake 2 levels! Here you can download all my levels as soon as they are released. They are listed in a rough chronological order; click on the links below or scroll down to find descriptions, screenshots and download links.

Classic Quake:
IKSPQ - Single player/Co-op levels, some with deathmatch support.
IKARENA - My level for the classic Rocket Arena.

Quake 2:
IKSP - Single player/Co-op level.
IKDM - Deathmatch levels.

Quake 3 Arena:
IK3DM - Deathmatch levels.

How to use add-on levels

Click on screenshots to enlarge.



The single player map series that got me into the industry. The start level and the first four levels form an episode that's recommended to play from the start to the end. These five also support my weapon modification IKGUNS (not required to play).

IKSTART - Welcome to IKSPQ

The start level of IKSPQ episode. A gothic medieval setting, a nice way to select skill levels and playable in deathmatch due to high connectivity.

Download: ikstart.zip (280k)


IKSPQ1 - Before Nightfall

I started the series in the same gothic-medieval style as the start map (actually I did this level before IKSTART). Making this first map was a big learning experience to me, I had to redo it a couple of times as I was learning the mechanics of VIS blocking etc. After all, it turned out to be a nice little map.

Download: ikspq1.zip (320k)
Demo: ikspq1dm.zip (300k)


IKSPQ2 - Temple of the Thousand-Faced Moon

This was the start of what someone called my "blue period". I was experimenting with Quake texture wads, and half-accidentally produced a bunch of blue textures. I saw the potential of the style and created a whole texture pack that made the look and feel of this level very different from anything seen on the Quake scene before. Also this was when I first ran into limits of map size and had to cut stuff out to make it compile...

Download: ikspq2.zip (420k)
Demo: ikspq2dm.zip (450k)


IKSPQ3 - Halls of the Shambler God

Continuing the blue style and taking it further, this is probably my personal favorite of my own levels. Bigger and more detailed, more open rooms and exotic architecture. This is "the map with all domed ceilings". Also one of the fastest development cycles; I built over half the map in one night!

Download: ikspq3.zip (450k)
Demo: ikspq3dm.zip (530k)


IKSPQ4 - Homecoming

The end of the "Blue Episode", this level is everything the previous two were, DOUBLED. Very large scale with hordes of monsters, resulting in some spectacular (and hard) fights. I made a number of new (blue) textures specifically for this level, and the overall look is much richer than before. However, I ran into map size limits way earlier than I expected, and I had to cut out some detail, which made a few areas look a bit too rough. :-(

This is probably the best of IKSPQ levels for deathmatch purposes.

Download: ikspq4.zip (530k)
Demo: ikspq4dm.zip (630k)


IKSPQ5 - The Secret Installation

This will make me sound like the egomaniac I am, but this level is special. The time I made it was when we all were eagerly waiting for Quake2 to come out... We had seen the screenshots and a little later even a single player demo. This inspired me to create something completely different; about 100 brand new textures and 3 weeks later I dropped this map to the net, and OH MY GOD what kind of a response I got!

To give you an example, here's a quote from Matt Sefton: "it is the BEST user-created Quake level I have ever played. Period. Bar none. That's it."

To put it shortly, I'm very satisfied with this map :-)

Download: ikspq5.zip (870k)
Demo: ikspq5dm.zip (420k)


IKARENA1 - My Rocket Arena map

This is a little map I made for Rocket Arena modification... I don't know if it actually works or if anyone ever played it in RA, but at least I got some practice on making holes through textures...

Download: ikarena1.zip (170k)



IKSP - Quake 2 SP

Single player Quake 2 levels... So far only one.

IKSP1 - Leftovers...

My first and so far the only Quake 2 single player level. I felt uncomfortable with the way Quake 2 handles textures, so I didn't use any of my own texture work (it would have needed a .pak file or subdirectories for textures). It's very Quake 2-ish setting, you're stranded on Stroggos and trying to find a way out. I made some interesting "cinematic" sequences to spice up the gameplay, but overall it's just a nice little Quake 2 map, nothing special.

Download: iksp1.zip (600k)


IKDM - Quake 2 Deathmatch

I started playing around with Quake 2 as soon as the game came out, and the easiest way to start is small deathmatch levels, so here you go... I did most of this stuff on my spare time while working at ION Storm.


My first Quake 2 level. Very small and humble, but I guess it was good enough considering it was one of the very first user-made Quake 2 maps (Running id's QE4 on a p150 with no 3d accelerator was "interesting").

Recommended for 1-on-1 or 3-4 player FFA.

Download: ikdm1.zip (178k)



I actually made this one at work one weekend (outside of work hours, naturally)... It's kind of a DM4-inspired "space" theme map where instead of lava you have a hole in the floor where you can see (or fall into) the "space" sky...

Recommended for 3-6 player FFA.

Download: ikdm2.zip (244k)



Another DM level, with a fairly symmetrical layout. Inspired by the "warehouse" DM map in Quake 2.

Recommended for 1-on-1 or 3-6 player FFA.

Download: ikdm3.zip (379)



A little more ambitious, I actually spent time making this level. It's larger and has more detailed architecture than the previous three..

Recommended for 6-12 player FFA or team play.

Download: ikdm4.zip (527k)



Back to the basics with simple, almost Quake 1 -ish architecture (This level was originally designed for a custom Q1 texture wad).

Recommended for 4-8 player FFA.

Download: ikdm5.zip (154k)


IKDM6 (The Tentacular Terrace)

Another little map... I made this one in a very short time, and had a lot of fun playing around with the curves. The level plays really fast, even though the r_speeds may be a little on the high side (up to 680 in two spots).

Recommended for 1on1 or 3-4 player FFA.

Download: ikdm6.zip (156k)


IKDM7 (An Angular Atrium)

Another small DM level, this time with the "old" Q2 base style... Topped with delicious colored lighting goo. Well, it's got pretty high r_speeds in a few spots, but today's computers should be able to handle it...

Recommended for 1on1 or 3-4 player FFA.

Download: ikdm7.zip (178k)


IKDM8 (Return of the Elder God)

Hee, this one's a little bigger... I started it a long time ago, and it's been sitting almost-finished on my hard drive for a while, so I decided to put some items in and wrap it up... I don't know if there are enough Quake2 players left in the world to make use for this map, though.

Recommended for 16-24 player FFA.

Download: ikdm8.zip (860k)


IKDM9 (Farewell to Fudge Brownies)

My first finished Q2 level where I used my own IKBase texture set. Somewhat eccentric connectivity, that seems linear and dead-end'y at first, but gets more lively when you utilize the rocket launcher...

Due to the custom textures, this one comes in a .pak file... Read the instructions in the text file carefully.

Recommended for 1on1 or 3-6 player FFA. (Use weapons stay when needed)

Download: ikdm9.zip (345k)
Q1 version: ikdm9q1.zip (250k)

Third-party files:
Omikron Bot routes for Ikdm9q1 (by Skorpion):
Frog Bot support for Ikdm9q1 (by Rupture):
These are files made by other people; if you have questions about installing or using them, ask their respective authors. I also can't guarantee that the links will always work.

IKDM9 in Quake2
IKDM9 in GLQuake


IK3DM - Quake 3 DM

Since Quake3 tools are out... I decided to experiment a little. :-)

IK3DM1 - Future Brownie

My very first Q3A map... Tried to use almost as much curves as I did with my latest Q2/Q1 map, but Q3A didn't like that ;-p Anyway a nice little piece, completely different from the typical "heavy metal album cover" style of Q3A levels. Released it exactly at midnight between December 31 1999 and January 1 2000, by pasting the download URL on #level_design.

If you didn't guess, it's kind of a conversion of the Q1/Q2 map IKDM9... The lighting is overall a lot brighter than the original; this was a decision I made after I discovered Quake3's dynamic lighting is severely buggy... It only seems to work in brightly lit areas while firing your weapons in darkness gives off little or no light, making it very hard to see your opponent in dimly lit areas.

This is an updated version I did shortly afterwards, with a better portal shader and an optimized .aas file for a smaller download.

Download: ik3dm1.zip (300k)


IK3DM2 - Meatball Grinder
Version 1.1 (7/18/2001)

Another Q3A deathmatch thingy... This time in somewhat Q1-ish style with rivets and blue concrete and stuff. The layout is pretty much all from my old Q2 level "Tentacular Terrace", but modified for Q3 with different scale, jump pads etc.

Plays best with 2-4 players. Slightly modified items in tournament mode.

Download: ik3dm2.zip (2.1M) (Digital Eel mirror)
You should only use the Digital Eel mirror if you have problems with FilePlanet.


IKZDM1 - The Doom That Came To Dunwich
Version 1.1 (3/15/2001)

A collaboration with Zdim, this one's a bit larger... About 4100 brushes to be exact.

I started building this level way back in early 2000 (heh), when I was living in Boston... The city definitely inspired and influenced it. It's not even on a grid. =) However, I never had time to finish, polish and release it... Until I started working on it again with my friend Zdim a couple of weeks ago. So, here it is, after all this time!

A word of caution: this level is very different from most Q3 stuff you'll find on the net... You have been warned.

Download: ikzdm1.zip (5.7M)
(Go to Surface Tension if you want the texture set)



Unusual and weird stuff comes up here...

IKBROWNY - Yesterday's Brownies

Look, it's a Doom2 deathmatch level! Who would've thunk? (sic)

It's mostly influenced by the Future Brownie above, minus all the level-over-level stuff of course. I threw together a couple of textures for it as well... Mostly remixes of already existing stuff.

Sorry about the strange quality of the screenshot... It's a 320x200 shot scaled up. (I don't have any of the high-resolution Doom ports)

Download: ikbrowny.zip (68k)



These instructions don't necessarily apply to all add-on levels for Quake and Quake2 (other than mine). Always read the text files that come with add-ons and look for possible special installation procedures.


1. Create a subdirectory "maps" in "quake/id1" directory. (e.g. c:/quake/id1/maps/ )
2. Unzip the .ZIP files you have downloaded into this directory.
3. Start Quake as usual.
4. Go to the console (~ key) and type: map [mapname] , where [mapname] is the name of the level (e.g. map ikstart, if the filename in maps directory is ikstart.bsp).
5. If you want to set the skill level, type into console before the map command: skill [N] , where [N] is the skill setting number (0-3).

Quake 2

1. Create a subdirectory "maps" in "quake2/baseq2" directory. (e.g. c:/quake2/baseq2/maps/ )
2. Unzip the .ZIP files you have downloaded into this directory.
3. Start Quake 2 as usual.
4. Go to the console (~ key) and type: map [mapname] , where [mapname] is the name of the level (e.g. map ikdm1, if the filename in maps directory is ikdm1.bsp).
5. If you want to set the skill level, type into console before the map command: skill [N] , where [N] is the skill setting number (0-3).

Quake 3

1. Unzip the .ZIP files into the Baseq3 subdirectory in your Quake 3 directory.
2. Start Quake 3 as usual.
3. Go to the console (~ key) and type: /map [mapname] , where [mapname] is the name of the level (e.g. /map ik3dm1).
4. To play single player, you can go to the console and type: /bot_minplayers [number] , where [number] is the number of bots to play with (e.g. /bot_minplayers 4).