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GAME UTILITIES - Last updated 4/17/1999

Latest updates:
4/17/1999 - Converted the page to the new design, and moved textures to ART page.
5/27/1998 - Added a new version of PCX2WAL texture converter for Quake 2
3/20/1998 - New version of PCX2WAL, adding auto-animations, texture path setting and Linux makefile.
3/15/1998 - New version of PCX2WAL, with some speed optimizations and a Linux executable (x86).
1/17/1998 - New version of IMAP, with some Quake/Quake 2 related changes.


As long as I've been making games, I've also programmed little tools to help the development... When it comes to Quake editing, I thought that since so many other people are doing it, they might want to check out my utils as well; so here you go.

IMAP - an "image mixer" program for using "layers" with 8-bit pcx images.
PCX2WAL - a program to convert PCX images to Quake 2 textures.
IKLITE - my special version of Quake's LIGHT.EXE.
FAIRSKIN - more of a joke... This program brightens up QW skins.


IMAP Graphics Utility

This is a DOS command-line tool to apply different special effects on 8bit .PCX images. Its main function is to mix two or more images together, much like "layers" work in some paint programs. Most common way to use this is composing images from two parts; a shading layer and a color layer. In terms of Quake textures, this allows you to easily make different color variations of the same texture or use same color pattern for a number of different textures.

Sample textures made with IMAP:

Notice the same red and white color pattern on two of the textures.

Download: imap16.zip (70k)
Text file: imap16.txt


PCX2WAL texture converter for Quake 2

Another command-line tool (but this time with DOS, Win32 and Linux versions), this simple program takes .PCX images and turns them into Quake 2 .WAL files. It can automatically set up animations, and it supports custom texture paths and wildcards.

The source code is included, and you can freely use it (non-commercial use only).

Download: pcx2w23.zip (180k)
Text file: pcx2w23.txt


IKLITE custom light program for Quake levels

This is a modified LIGHT.EXE based on the source code in QUBE by Sean Werkema. QUBE was based on original QBSP, LIGHT and VIS source code by ID Software.

The difference to the original LIGHT is that you can set different attenuation patterns for light entities using the "angle" field. This makes lighting outdoor areas a lot easier and the results are often better than if you use a lot of regular lights. (My technique is to put a number of small [light = ~10] non-attenuating lights along the sky brush, the result looks very "Quake 2")

Download: iklite.zip (60k)
Text file: iklite.txt


FAIRSKIN skin utility for QuakeWorld skins

Not so serious program... This tool "fixes" dark QW skins by mixing them with BASE.PCX (the default skin). You need a picture called BASE.PCX in the directory where you run the program.

Simply type "fairskin badskin.pcx" and press enter to get a skin averagely as bright as the base skin, and view it on your monitor. You can add following options:
-t treshold : Set brightness treshold. Smaller -t makes darker skin. Default is 64. -t 32 should be enough...
-o output.file : Save the result skin. Supports .pcx and .lmp formats.
-p palette.file : Use external palette. Supports .pcx and .lmp (Quake's palette.lmp).

Download: fairskin.zip (14k)