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  Februari 14, 2005
I Finised DM_Arena51, a DM-level for Half-Life 2. It's made for the Belgian Game Site Arena51. That's why there is a wacky alien picture in the shots.
Download here.

There is a lot off interactivity in this level with machinery spawning explosive barrels and the lay-out of the level changing after a while. Water melons are also provided.
I am also still working on another level: DM_Scrapyard. That's the one with the shots below. Just doing the final tweaks.

  January 10, 2005
Hey, where is 2004 gone to? Anyway, 2 screenshots from a level for Half-Life 2 I am working on:

  September 19, 2003
Yus yus, I'm still alive. I graduated today and soon I'll start working at Guerrilla Games as a leveldesigner on Killzone.

  November 17, 2002
Spearhead, the expansion pack for MoH:AA is finally out. This mission pack contains a DM-level (Unterseite) I made.

  September 5, 2002
You can download Pure Energy now. It's a spacelevel with a little twist. If you fall down into the void, you don't get killed, but you fall out of the sky back into the level.

   August 30, 2002
Unterseite, my MOHAA-map was selected as one of the winning maps in the EA mapping contest. This means it will be included in the MOHAA expansionpack, which will be released somewhere in November.

   August 29, 2002
2 screenshots from a Quake3-level in the works. As you might see, the design is a bit wacky.

Releasedate? soon...

   August 16, 2002
I've made a small Warcraft III map. You can find it here. Nothing special, just a 1on1-map with a dragon-island in the middle. When I have some more time, I'll try to figure out the W3-triggersystem and try to make something more exciting.

   August 10, 2002
I've updated the site a bit. Added a MoHaa-section with screenshots of a level I am working on for Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault.
I finally fixed that stupid bug in the site which made this site look like crap. I've tested it with Explorer 6, Explorer 5, Netscape 4.7 and 6.2 and now everything seems to work. The big lesson I learned from this is that working with tables can be a real pain in the arse and that Netscape is crapware.

   June 15, 2002
I've started working on a map again... not that I didn't knew what to do the last 3 weeks (examens, world-cup, WarCraft3-beta) It will be a DM-map for Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault.

   May 27, 2002
I need only 2 words to describe the DoomIII gameplay movie: holy shit!!

   May 19, 2002
No news actually... I haven't done anything map-related the past 2 months. I also got exams coming up and I got into the Warcraft3-beta (perfect combination) so I don't think I'll start on a map any time soon.

   March 23, 2002
I finally moved my lazy ass and redesigned the site, something i should have done a long time ago.

   March 16, 2002
It's finished: Dystopia. You can see 2 screenshots below. I don't have a clue what the name of the map means, I got it from a song from apartment 26. Hope you like the map, I haven't made any DM-maps for some time now. If the link on fileplanet doesn't work, try this (temp) link here.
I got the second place in the Sidrial Map Making Contest. Sidrial is a TC from Fountainhead Entertainment. The map is called Outpost 751 and it will be in the next release of the Sidrial-MOD.

   March 2, 2002
I am back in business, working on a Q3A-map for some time now. It's almost finished actually, just the final testing/tweaking/touching up.


   January 2, 2002
I've left Team Evolve, just time to move on and my mind hasn't focussed on mapping for the last 2 months... I'm screwing around a bit in Radiant, tho, but I really don't know if I'll get a level done any time soon.


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