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Fat Controller

Friday 12 January 2001
Inspection is closed! - Paul (11:55)
I was prompted to do this a while back by Fat Controller but never got around to it. Basically Inspection is now closed.

I would especially like to thank Fat Controller and Thoth for their work on site long after I'd left. I'd also obviously like to thank Pingu and Peej who created this site and then Excessus, Renegade, Rush, Spin and Wrath for their work on the reviews.

Looking back over the site I think the idea for it was good. Reviews written by a couple of people to give a more varied view on a map did work. Unfortunately trying to manage this across everyone involved and just getting a review done was really hard work. The knock on effect was that we eventually stopped doing joint reviews and drifted towards single reviewer based reviews. Not a bad thing, far from it, but not what Pingu and myself had originally envisioned.

I then lost interest in working on the site and things drifted and nobody involved contacted each other. And now its in the state its in.

I do however think though there is room for a site like this. If there were people really, really willing to review at a regular rate and are able to keep communicating between each other and actually get the reviews done then it would work.

As for myself, I'm back into reviewing where I originally began and for self-pimpage sake, I'm doing Quake DM reviews at MultiPlayer Quake where Fat Controller is helping with the reviews. Pop by if that's your thing.

One final thing, we did not accept maps for review! We picked them :). So it always tickled me when I got emails from people asking for reviews.

Thanks for visiting.
Sunday 03 September 2000
Discordant Metal Heavens - Fat Controller (04:20)
It's a schpdoinkle! day here at Inspection as yet again I perform a hat trick of reviews: When Heavens End by SkLERoS, Discordant Harmony by Grindspire and finally Zed II: Metal Ware by Vondur. Play nice.
Saturday 15 July 2000
Redeem Thyself! - Thoth (18:12)
Well gosh, with Fat Controller laying down the smack talk like that I just had to get off my laurels of previous reviews and post a new one! Today it's DM-Halls_of_Redemption by map author Bastiaan (Checker) Frank. This is a splendidly done ancient themed DM map that supports 6-8 players. Architecture is exquisite and layout and connectivity are likewise. If it's here, you know it's good, so go get some!
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