InstaGib+ is a server side only instant kill mod. One shot, one kill! You get one weapon,
infinite ammo and all items are removed from the map (except flags in ctf).

InstaGib+ Single Player

1/10/01 | 1:27 | Mad Dipper
For those of you looking to play InstaGib+ with single player just go into the "instagib+_server.bat" file and remove the "+set dedicated 2" and change "+bot_enable 0" to "+bot_enable 1". You should be ready to play single player InstaGib+ now.

InstaGib+ v006a Released

1/10/01 | 9:15 | Mad Dipper
Fixed a small bug with the grapple, the offhand grapple still has some problems. I should have that fixed by tomorrow.

InstaGib+ v006 Released

1/9/01 | 7:35 | Mad Dipper
üpdated for the 127 patch and fixed the CT bug where players would not drop flags when they die.

127 Update

1/8/01 | 14:00 | Mad Dipper
I have been getting allot of questions on weather or not I will be updating instagibplus for the 1.27 patch. The answer is yes. I do have plans to update the mod. However I am kind of in a bind with my time right now, so if anyone has already updated it and you care to share, please send me the compiled version and/or the source. I will give you full credit for the update.

117 Update

5/14/00 | 9:40 | Mad Dipper
I have starting looking into all the problems that the 117 patch has caused with InstaGib+ CTF and should have a new release sometime soon.

Point Release - Quake 3 Arena 116

2/17/00 | 21:05 | Mad Dipper
It seems that in its current state InstaGib+ does work with the new beta point release. However, if you do come across any problems please let me know.

InstaGib+ v005b Released

2/16/00 | 9:10 | Mad Dipper
Minor update: Changed protect time cvar from milliseconds to seconds.

InstaGib+ v005 Released w/ Source

2/15/00 | 19:00 | Mad Dipper
InstaGib+ now has spawn protection like deathmatch 4 back in the quake 1 days. Server ops can configure how long the protection lasts, the warning when it runs out, and weather or not they want it to even be on. I also changed promote mode slightly, when a player dies instead of going back to the first weapon they go back to their last weapon giving them a better chance of moving up.

InstaGib+ Config Maker

2/15/00 | 18:45 | Mad Dipper
I created an online config maker, fill out all the information then hit the create config button and save the file to your instagibplus dir.

InstaGib+ v004c Released

2/12/00 | 11:55 | Mad Dipper
I have fixed a bug with the grapple not caching correctly, added cvars for grapple pull speed, deploy speed (code by ahoot), fallingdamage, and full customization on voting as in what people can and can't vote for.


2/11/00 | 22:30 | Mad Dipper
Thanks goes out to ahoot from BunchOfGibs Rail w-hook InstaGib+ server who just let me know that I was linking to the older source on the downloads page. So if you had meant to grab the v004b source go ahead and get it again otherwise \connect to see a BunchOfGibs

InstaGib+ v004b with Source Released

2/10/00 | 21:23 | Mad Dipper
I have added the ability to chose between the regular grapple and offhand via server variable.

Grapple Update

2/10/00 | 21:00 | Mad Dipper
I will be uploading v004b in a few min.'s which will allow you to chose between the regular grapple and the offhand grapple.

InstaGib+ v004 with Source Released

2/10/00 | 20:10 | Mad Dipper
I have added the grapple, variables for controlling weapon firing rates and a cvar to enable/disable the grapple.
Make sure you are using the latest batch file and the igplus.config and no longer using the promote.config.

Server List

2/09/00 | 14:39 | Mad Dipper
I have added an up to the minute list of servers running InstaGib+ at this page.

Code Requests

2/09/00 | 7:34 | Mad Dipper
I have been getting emails asking me to add the grapple and do some other stuff. So I decided to add some features. If you have suggestions or comments or there is something that you think needs changed, you can contact me at

InstaGib+ Source Code Released

2/06/00 | 9:00 | Mad Dipper
From the readme.txt:

 While going over/learning the Quake III: Arena source I decided to make
some simple modifications. Somehow I decided that I would release it
as a mod and InstaGib+ was born. It's not the most difficult mod to
make but it helped me learn some stuff so I decided to release the source.
All I ask is that if for some strange reason you decide to use any part
of my changes please give me credit.

 I have included only the files that i edited in this zip file and have
marked all my changes with "dipper - instagib+"; so doing a search
should bring up all my code. Some comments will say "- start -" which
means there is a code block and not just one or two lines.

All Files are from the game directory, ie. server side mod

InstaGib+ v003 Released

2/02/00 | 10:00 | Mad Dipper
The weapon order for promote mode is now configured by the server operator.
I have been getting some pretty good feedback on InstaGib+, but i feel i should let you all know that I have written this mod for the sole purpose of joining a larger coding team on a planned mod, and since I have used this mod to learn the code I will be releasing the source soon.

Servers are Up!

2/02/00 | 10:22 | Mad Dipper
Check out the GameSpy PlanetQuake server running at or Tetsuo's InstaGibPlus Server at

InstaGib+ v002 Released

1/31/00 | 7:22 | Mad Dipper
I have added the ability to disable general voting while still allowing votes to change the InstaGib+ modes.

InstaGib+ v001 Released

1/29/00 | 6:22 | Mad Dipper
I actually had it done a few days ago, but decided to clean up the code, and ended up rewriting most of it. If you haven't check out the info page, I suggest you do that before downloading. Send all comments/suggestions to

InstaGib+ Web Page Almost Complete!

1/29/00 | 3:22 | Mad Dipper
Since Doc has informed me that the page is pretty much complete except for some image changes I have gone ahead and added the info and download pages.

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