Welcome to the Israeli Quake Museum!

Internet Quake hit Israel on 1996 when Netvision opened the first Israeli Internet Quake server.
It was not long before a Quake community was born (come to think of it - it was the first online-gaming community in Israel), clans were created, tournaments, LAN parties, and, of course - the very first Israeli quake site.
The Quake news sites in Israel were non-profitable and actually paid a good deal of money to host the site under suitable servers, and the contribution of the people in the community was the key to holding the community together.
What you will see in this museum are sites from those who contributed in the first Quake era, as I like to call it, since this era ended as far as many of us are concerned - when GamesHQ closed down, due to the fact that there was no one willing to contribute to its existence (i.e. act as a news reporter).

If you have any comments, questions or stories of your own, or perhaps you'd like a CD of the entire museum sent to you - just email me at cens@zahav.net.il.

The sites, sorted by (more-or-less) chronological order, with comments

  • Quicide's Quake Page
    This is the first news site - heck, the first Quake site ever made in Israel. It was later moved to a different server and the last copy lost. This is what I could salvage. Quicide was also the first one to take initiative, and even formed the first clan - TBS - though it didnt last too long.
  • The Dominician Order
    Ah, the TDO. A fearful clan, the second in Israel. One member, X-Player, aka as Father-X and later AlderaaN, the main editor of the site, made it a news site which replaced Quicide's page. AlderaaN later opened the original IQN - and maintained it until drafted.
  • *THE - earlier design
    At this time, the TDO was undoubtly the dominating clan in Israel, for a great deal of time, too. No single or even allied players could do against them. Nevertheless, the third clan in Israel - clan THE - was formed to defeat the TDO, and gained respect among the players quickly, launching a powerful campaign against the TDO.
  • Original IQN by AlderaaN
    This is the complete, original IQN site by AlderaaN. You will find almost a year of news here from new players, clan matches and community events to special sections like (Quake) Lyrics from the Deep, hints/tips, server status and players/clans links.
  • *Censored's Quake1 LAN Party MOD
    If I remember correctly, around this due to lots of requests and problems that arose during gameplay, I decided I should program a modification to Quake - my LAN Party MOD. I remember this as a great success. Though it was never installed on the server, it was used in LAN parties.
  • *the.. THE homepage
    Just some time before the original IQN closed down, and alongside the, how to say this, defeat of the TDO, the dominating THE clan's homepage was entirely redesigned - adding a new interface, graphics, Java and god knows what else. Clan THE stayed at the top till the last minute - when the members couldnt play anymore. It's worth a click!
  • Devastator's homepage
    If you would ask an old-skool for the person who took most initiative with LAN parties - its Devastator. His site was a center for many LAN parties and related news, before IQN took over (of course, considering he was part of IQN, you could say he created his section there).
  • Soldiers of Doom
    There were a few (three, to be exact) 'intermediate' clans that didnt make it for more than a few weeks, and these had no homepages. However, a clan most of us remember is clan SOD - they werent the best, they undoubtly were good, but they sure held together for a very long time.
  • Iconoclasts
    The Iconoclasts had good players, but it didnt hold for too long. This salvage of a homepage was what I could get - it was the last LAN party they attended to before breaking up.
  • Hopelessly Insane
    Ahh, Clan HI. With a member from the Iconoclasts this clan was strong and gained much respect. To put you in the timeline, as far as I remember, before this clan was formed clan THE was long gone - the three members each went their seperate way. This clan page holds funny stories - worth the click.
  • *IQN - Early javascript version
    My precious.. =) After AlderaaN's IQN closed, as he drafted, I and Devastator took the initiative and rebuilt IQN - first as a simple HTML page, later using a complete client-side Javascript engine for generating news in different graphical layouts. I dont want to sound arrogant - but if you like new ideas and Javascript, I urge you to check it out..
  • Little Abusing Gibbers
    I dont remember much of this clan, but the homepage is yours for the checking.
  • Naughty by Nature
    Again, you should check this site for more information.
  • *Israeli Quake Network
    The Israeli Quake Network.. Still marked 'IQN', I continued to enhance my site. I found a hosting server, and later my own server plus domain, and worked Perl and CGI magic to make many sections and utilities - players/clans list (with interaction between them), LAN party manager, weekly reviews, downloads, polls, .. so many. Even Lyrics from the Deep was resurrected - with new songs from Israeli Quakers. Check it out!
  • Haze's Israeli Quake Forum
    A player named Haze opened the Israeli Quake Forum - this is a forum that worked for a long time and was the center for chatting in the community. I believe you might still find it working, unusable, but still online. You will find hunderds of mindless babbeling here, but quite a few important conversations about some events that took place on our servers.
  • Gargoyle's Israeli Quake Help site
    If you've read some of the information in the above sites, you'd see the average newbie in Israel wasnt too smart. A memorable example from the early Quake1 days was the fuss about bots: the server was using SV_AIM 1, which means your shot is vertically adjusted to hit the target, so you dont have to fiddle with the mouse (at that time most used keyboard). The unaware player would find it weird that his killer was looking down while launching the rocket from his head!.
    Gargoyle wrote a comprehensive and easy to use web site explaining everything from A to Z.
  • *Censored's Quake2 deathstorm project
    Quake2 is here and I've decided to program a Quake2 modification. My intention was the same as in the LP MOD - to create as much fun as possible without the player downloading anything - all server-based. It worked pretty well - with a scripting language you could create tournaments of all kinds and the integrated CTF made it a blast. I tired my best to make it 100% working but I didnt have the resources to do that. It's finished, though there is still a small chance you'll find a bug.
  • *Games HeadQuarters
    Games Headquraters. The last news site. This is also the most advanced form IQN has ever come to. I closed IQNetwork and opened GamesHQ. I knew it was possible that there would be no one to take initiative and open a new site, and I didnt want my 2-year work to go to waste. So I wrote GamesHQ from scratch - all the perl code enhanced - to make a totally automatic engine that would accept news from selected editors, in short - to ensure other people would have complete - but limited control of the site.

    Unfortunatly, as you can see, it didnt work. After a few months my subscription ended and I had to decide if to pay for another year or not. No one took any initiative, and my editors had their own business to attend to.
    ..And here we are.

  • Lyrics from the Deep (*last version)
    This is a link to the last version of Lyrics from the Deep - from the original IQN to GamesHQ. It's worth checking out.
  • *IQN/GamesHQ's reviews center (last version)
    IQNetwork attempted to post a game review every week. It didnt always succeed, but this is a long list of reviews that were posted. Dont miss it!
  • *LAN-party reviews directory
    This directory holds 90% of the LAN parties that took place in Israel. Most of them were created using IQNetwork's LAN-party manager engine. They have an easy interface and they look good. Some of the reviews have pictures of the players!

  • Missing sites
    There are only two missing sites, which I could not recover; One is the ILC - the Israeli LAN Centre which was never brought online but rests complete in the hands of a player whom I couldnt contact.
    The second one - BiM - Brothers in Madness was a site mainly about game reviews, named after the clan who ran it. Dont worry though, all the reviews were later added to GamesHQ's reviews centre and are available there.

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