PlanetQuake - the epicenter of everything Quake
Blue's News - another huge site covering the latest in 3d gaming world
TeleFragged - this one is even bigger
Stomping Grounds - another hardware and gaming realted site
Frag dot Com - same here
Captured - mostly FPS related site
ShugaShack - gaming and hardware
Thresh's Firing Squad - hardware and gaming :)
FPS Spectator - in depth gaming tournaments and competition coverage
Champions League for Quake - 'Find a player & and see how good he is' machine :)
hard & soft ware

Sharky Extreme - hardware land
PlanetHardware - the latest on hardware
AnandTech - same here : reviews , benchmarks , etc
Tom's Hardware - Tom's place

DeathRow - Thresh's clan -- need I say more? :)
9 - the famous swedish Quake clan
Memento Mori - another clan featuring shub-niGGa
Unreal - QuakeII clan featuring Jump Centre
N3D - the best looking site ever !!! MUST SEE !!!
our friends

Incubus - the guy who gave the world EBS and many other usefull utilities