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Chaos DM : (

Yep, I'm back.
I got so much messages of disappointment and I just couldn't help it, *sniff* 8-). thank you all for the support I guess...

Anyhow, to the review!
Those of you who played quake long enough probably got to play Quake1 - Pain-Keep in one time or another. We all remember the explosive shells, the bear-traps (the farts 8-D)... These were times of great fun. And its back in the form of Chaos DM for q2, and even smellier.. Err, I mean bigger and better than ever!

This MOD has so many things in it, you're gonna blow yourself out!. New textures, new weapons, new objects, new textures.. And of course - new sounds! I guess you wonder why there aren't any new maps.. Read on.

First thing to do is 'give all'. Lots of weapons lots of ammo. You have all the regular weapons, plus special weapons from 2-9 (double pressing).
For the shellin' fans (like me 8-) its a shells heaven. You can pick up regular shells and Explosive shells - unlimited of course (unlike Pain Keep 1.. Err). The explosions, better with the Super Shotgun, are enough to fry 2 opponents at once, not mentioning the fun!
The mouchine goung (where is it? =) can be switched to a crossbow. The Chaos team claims its enough for 4 arrows to take one down. I also noticed that the arrows bounce off walls, and finally get stuck in them.
With the chain-gun, the good old Airfist comes back, this time stronger than ever. The Airfirst fires a strong burst of air, blowing everything, and I mean everything, away: players, weapons, ammo, rockets, grenades.. You name it! Very useful against rocket attacks.
Also few new grenades are included: Poison (very funny when you get choke and puke =), Flash, Laser explosion and proximity mines. The Rocket-Launcher has Flash rockets, same effect as the Flash grenades here. The 8th weapon.. woohaa 8-). Buzz-saw. Mean sharp buzzes spinning and cutting, that jump back from walls, can make a whole party in a small ( and narrow ) room.
The HyperBlaster can be switched to a nice looking something-shooter. This something-shooter shoots.. err, something blue that also bounces off walls and leaving beautiful looking bubbly-like trail.
About the BFG... Well, you'll just have to see for yourself. =)

About other items - lots of cool stuff here, including a Jetpack, a scanner that helps you see the opponents though it takes out cells and an ultra cool Gravity-belt. Few more items are available too.. I did notice they will add to the final version a Gravity Vortex, similar to the Gravity Hole from Pain Keep.
Another feature alike LMCTF, is the radio. No menu here, all is supposed to be bound and mostly recorded by you (anyone for my "fry suckers!" .WAV? :), but at least you wont be hearing those .... Who use those .WAVs all the time instead of playing and when you tell them to stop they use "roger" ERRRRRR! eh.. ehem, sorry.

You will also notice there are almost new sounds for everything ( you can even puke and burp! ) and few new textures ( which I think were ripped out of LM CTF....??? hmmmm.. ).

ChaosDM is mainly for a CTF game, but can be also set to DM. In contrast to other weapons and alike the Hyperblaster, most of the new weapons make a lot of lag - that's why I don't recommend installing this patch on a q2 server (damn ISDNers.. @@#(&$!)2lj2d), however that's why LAN parties are there for, eh?
I sent the Chaos team an email suggesting them to also include a Can-o-Beans (or something else.. Eatable 8-) in their final version like the one in Pain Keep. No reply yet, I'll post it on my next review..

Don't forget to run the "chaos.cfg" from inside the game. The rest is in the readme file / on their site.
If you have a nice MOD or would like me to review one I'll be happy to hear!


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