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Descent 3: ( / YonmaN

Descent 3
3D 3 axis 1st person shooter
Descent ... the return :)

Oh man - have I been waiting for this one ...

It's been a year and a half since I've forsaken Descent for the glory of Quake. But now Descent returns in full glory with 3 axis action like nothing else in the planet.

Descent 3 is a vast graphical improvement over it's two ancestors allowing for really nice explosions, lighting effects, monsters, outdoors fighting and other elements we loved so much from the original Descents.

Wisely enough - Descent was not changed much in it's controls apart for the added inventory. Some basic sound effects remained the same - that "Glupe" sound when you pick energy for example, everything to bring you back to your older days of glory in the Descent 1/2 halls :)

The lack of new stuff in this demo is pretty evident - sure - the spectacular graphics which add smoke and great lighting effects are cool, but the advancment isnt as sophisticated as it was in the leap from Descent 1 to 2. However, perhaps that was the idea after all - not changing things much and having a descent 3 that retains much of the feel of the older Descents while adding a few toys and improving the graphics, I must tell you - they did a good job :)

Overall - descent fans will surely love this one, Those who don't like descent will go on not liking it ...



  • Demo v1.0 (28MB)
  • Demo (mirror) v1.0 (28MB)
  • Patch v1.0-v1.1 (1MB)
  • Patch (mirror) v1.0-v1.1 (1MB)