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Linux party! / YonmaN

Review of Linux Party at Dizingof Center on the 12/2/99

I was strolling along in DiziCen ... minding my own business, going to meet my brother before we head north to Haifa for a family occasion.

When out of the gloom ... I saw a sign!
It wasn't a neon sign ... Or a divine intervention kinda sign..
With the music and orchestra and singing angels.. It was made of canvas!

and it said -

Linux party ->

I think that sign was enough for me to tell my brother I would be delayed for two hours :)

This party is not our kind - now screaminig "kill him ! KILL HIMMM !!!" or "The Flagger ! Get me a Flag !" nope ... ppl would look at you very suspiciously if you do that .. This party was about Linux (duh). The Marketing and installing on the spot of the Linux 5.2 OS.

For those of us to whom this is the first written word they are reading on the internet - Linux is a freeware and charityware (as in *completely* free of charge) Operating system ..

Well, Linux has basically changed and companies nowadays market it as a rising competitor to Windows 98. Linux has long been in development by as many programers as could type on keyboards.
Nowadays Linux is being produced and developed by many companies. The participating in this party were RedHat and Suse (a german company). These two sold copies from booths and had technitians that installed the OS on the spot.
Linux Parties are a treat imported mainly from US and european universities where programmers would bring their home made Linux machines and compare operating systems and C++ coding of programs. These soon grew in popularity and took a wild turn when ordinary ppl would bring their computers and have computer Gurus help them install for free the complicated OS on their machines.

This party was mainly sponsored by PF1 computing and The Sivan Training Center, Other companies had representatives - IBM, good Old NV whose service ppl seemed to Lag out every now and then :))) The party was very impressive - though small in scale and crowded beyond belief :)
but that's something we know from our own parties :)

Somthing new was a DJ that kept the music roaring so that no one could hear the other one but we're here for the operating system ... not date anyone :) A donut stand had everybody up for a major artery replacement surgery check :) but the setting was good, and when we get down to it - those donuts were damn good :)

Of course - the party is an immense success, more are planned in the future - as of yet I could not grab a real date for the next one.

Till next time ...



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