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Gloom: (, / YonmaN

Aliens Vs. Humans Teamplay
New ... Everything !
Assesment: "Alien 2" meets "lost in space" + Team Reaction = Fantastic

My first impression of this mod was that it is a very "well built" mod. Indeed it has a very good lineage - Team reaction is well known for it's jail break MOD and others that were very succesful.

Gloom sets a new category for Team playing and redefines the term "Goal specific game play".
Gloom is basically a Character driven Teamplay MOD. That's where the conventional description ends.
Gloom sets the players in a ... gloomy universe where two teams duke it out to annihilate each other. However, this is not the "usual" MOD you would excpect with new weapons ...
Gloom commits the players of each team to a different race - one of aliens, the other of humans. Where the different character classes are well designed with a new skins and models for almost every class and new weapons models. All well done and obviously thoroughly debugged.

The different races have twists of their own, the aliens relying on speed and surprise, the humans relying on long ranged attacks. The goal of the game is to basically annihilate the other team but also to destroy the other team's spawn points or ... eggs in the aliens' case. This is one more "Incredible" MOD which is only in beta state now and already looks good to ship. I would like to try this one up in the upcoming LAN party. Note that there is another such "aliens Vs. Humans" MOD out there called Paranoid. but for some reason their site hasn't been updated for the last month or so.



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