Cry Havoc Quake 2 MOD. commentary.

Cry Havoc holds some interesting cookies for the average destroyer - 
powerfull explosions, flying people, corpses and robots and other gizmos
to play with. 

My problem begins with the description of the patch.
It's supposed to be a teamplay patch, however - I think it lacks that
special something that made character CTFs like good old teamfortress 
what they were - a teamplay game, because every character was dependant
upon the others.

Here, however, the characters are incredibly self sufficient - all of them 
with the same speed, although I understand that is to change, and although 
all charcters have different ROEs (Rules Of Engagement) they pretty much able, 
to function one their own, something is missing ... and I can't really point
my Machine Gun on it ... 

I feel this patch would be much better under the definition - character
deathmatch, which suites it well.

over all - this is a great patch, a heavy one, not to be installed 
in any online server, but one which will probably be lots of fun in Local