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Welcome to IQN's pick-of-the-week, a new section to IQN managed by Shotgun.
Every week, Shotgun will supply a review for a mod, patch, or any other interesting Quake/Quake2 related, with links and perhaps a few pictures as well. If you would like a specific subject to be reviewed, you are welcome to email Shotgun at and he will do his best to help you with your requests.
For the first week, Shotgun cooked us a nice Loki's Minions CTF review.

Loki's Minions CTF : (

When I first entered the LM-CTF site, I thought to myself that its just another TC, some weapons, power-ups etc. etc.. However, I was surprised to see that this TC features most of the things Capture The Flag fans always wished for.

It starts with the well designed maps, that range from distanced fortresses to dark and beautiful city-like streets. Most textures weren't redone, but the original design makes it all look new.
A very useful feature in LM-CTF in the WAVs support. While the TC (Total Conversion) comes with pre-done sounds for in-game playing, like: 'incoming attack' and 'I'm on defense' , it is also optional to make your own wave files and set a bind to play them in the same way. However, while all the pre-done WAVs can be accessed from the 'radio menu', you cant change the menu for your own WAVs.
The two teams are divided into wolves and monsters, each with its own capture and steal the flag sound.
It might not sound impressive but it really heightens the senses!
A few more game play tweaks were including, such as nice skins for both teams, a fast and redesigned grappling hook and new flag textures, that go according to your team.
The TC also features a very wise pre-game menu, from which the host can set all he that he wants instead of the console commands.

LM-CTF was tested here at the LAN party that recently took place here (check IQN's LAN parties section) and the only problem we encountered was that whatever map we tried to load it kept jumping back to the first map.
Only now I found it out a patch came out, perhaps to fix it.

10 maps and 4 artifacts (haste, strength, power, shield) are included, and also support for visual weapons. For those who fancy for some exciting CTF action, Loki's Minions CTF is a good TC.


  • VWep support (must) (1.7MB) :
  • LM-CTF (17 MB) :
  • LM-CTF 3.01 server patch :
  • LM-CTF GUI (Graphical User Interface) :

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