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Catch the Chicken : (

Catch the chicken is another genius deathmatch MOD made by the more original quake players.
When I first played this MOD I thought it's an idiotic idea of some crazy people who thought they can make a good MOD, but when I got into it I found out it's a very cool game although its puerile and childish.
You can even see it from the plot of it : "Once there was a chicken. Some idiot picked up this chicken and discovered he received mysterious points for holding onto it. His friends became so jealous they killed him and took the chicken for themselves. Catch the Chicken had begun."

This MOD, as you probably figured from the plot is about catching a chicken and holding it as long as you can. Although it's a deathmatch only MOD, I got the chance to play it on the one and only server in the world which plays this MOD, and this, of course, is the developers' server.
From that experiment I figured out that this is one of the best MODs I have ever seen!!
Although it has a few flaws, it's an excellent MOD! One of them is the fact that when you hold the chicken you can't shoot, you just have to run while trying to avoid other peoples' rockets.

Simplicity of graphics makes this MOD pretty fast and non-laggy!
The new intro film is very cool, you should download it (when you will d/l it you will see why).

Except that one, This MOD is one of the most original and most awsome MODs I have ever seen. The idea of such a complexed (not!!) game, going so easy and in such simplicity, in one word, amazing!


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