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Assualt CTF: ( / YonmaN

Assault CTF - CTF teamplay
New - radio concept and game gizmos
Assesment - all we need is a big, good team.

Assault CTF Is a Server based patch - all the client needs is the basic CTF pack.
The main idea in Assault is that having captured a flag is that all weapons and health have been removed and each player starts off with all the equipment he/she needs and regenerates his health and stuff slowly.

The purpose is for Strategic skill to be the determining factor - not equipment or camping.
More stuff in this MOD is Assault mode - which occurs when a team captures a flag. the team whoe flag was captured has one minute to rush the enemy and just touch their flag or else the capturing team will gain a bonus two points for surviving the Assault.

Radio has been boosted to higher level as there are some 1000 available Radio Channels (for every team) for more effective team communications and chain of command. This should allow for some really interesting Teamplay with large teams (6 and up) as it allows for splitting the team into squads with their own communications channel.

Overall - this is a really simple MOD, simply activated too as it is Server based. The radio sounds like a great idea - if only ppl use it :)



  • Assualt CTF (154KB) -
  • Radio (sound) addon (589KB) -