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This week I decided to find something more original to review than LM CTF, which was reviewed in about.. err, zillions of sites.

DaPAK is an excellent MOD for the livid deathmatch fan!
DaPAK and DaPAK2 for Quake1 and Quake2, these PAKs are a set of well built maps, which extract the best you could expect from a good DM level.

DaPAK - Quake1: All the maps are very easy to learn, not too big yet not too small. Some of the design reminds me of the classic DM4 from quake ( dont worry, its just the height, no laval 8-).
While not very complicated, the design stands for the basics (mine anyways), which means every area of the map can be accessed from several directions. Usually, all are connected via teleports, for you telefrag-thirsty players..
In addition, the DaPAK team has made lots of new textures such as strange wall-paintings and stripes-like electric wires. They also payed attention to making kind of a same design in all maps to highten the atmosphere, but this got me bored after a while ( considering the fact I was playing alone.. 8-)

DaPAK has already been released quite a while ago, but DaPAK2 is not finished yet, although the team has releasesd several maps from their upcoming MOD.
I went through three of them (Grind, Spine and Severed) and wasnt disappointed! Grind and Severed, both for Quake2 are not too big, mainly built for height, but lack of strategic weapon spots and plenty of them. No new textures here either, but I noticed that some other maps from DaPAK2 will feature new textures.
Spine however is a DM map for Quake1. This is the time to say I've seen quite alot of maps, but this one even exceeds DaPAK1, definatly the best map I have ever seen!!
Numerous weapons were strategically placed in excellent spots, lots of armor to dispense, a cool atmosphere and plenty of places that just demand a good rocket jump 8-)

I hope some of you will download this MOD and check it out.. I will also be glad to get some feedback about this review or about DaPAK in general.

For more information visit DaPAK's homepage or read this file.


  • DaPAK2's homepage :
  • Alternate homepage :
  • DaPAK 1 from (2.66MB) :
  • Grind - a level for Quake2 (205KB) :
  • Spine - a level for Quake1 (174KB) :
  • Severed - for Quake2 (214KB) :
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