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Alien vs. Predator: ( / YonmaN

Alien Vs. Predator
Movie Theme, Atmosphere 3D shooter.
Assesment - Fast, Deadly and scarey as hell.


This.. Game.. For lack of a better word, sets you in the universe of both the dealiest and bloodiest Alien species ever invented and created in film - The Alien and The Predator.

yep, the softy humans are up against creatures that far surpass our universal food chain ranking and are far better refined in evolutional terms (ever seen a predator with a back ache ? me neither !). These facts kinda squeeze us as primate predators to the very uncomftrable niche of ... Prey ?
My first game as a Human marine shotoff with my runnning through the level spraying bullets at fleeing shadows, screaming at the top of my lungs "I'm GOING TO DIIIIEEEEE !!!!" untill some gracious alien put a stop to my wriggling and killed me. Wow, What a rush.
In that single game, I must admit - I have been scared out of my wits. The game is so immersing, it draws you in and explodes in your face with blood, gore and alien acid-blood spraying all over you.
Yuck.. What's this white stuff smeared on the wall ?..
Behind the sheer terror this game induces, it introduces a new level of computer AI, with Aliens that initiate their moves, crawl on walls, call out to one another, attack in packs, and make advance and faint moves with their superior numbers. Aliens are also quick and agile, leaping at you from surprising distances and move with alarming speed.
This means a new style of play, one of quick bursts of fire (ammo as rare as pigmese in a basketball team), fast dodging manuevers and lots of back running.
Aliens also make suicide rushes at you heaving their bodies at you while blocking your line of fire to their brothers (?), just as seen in the movies.

The toys ?

All weapons are easily recognised from Alien 2 and the Predator's Weapons are the clasics we can so easily love - nothing quite like those triple lasers on his shoulder.. eh ?
Another human toy is a low-light amplifier, nicknamed in hebrew "Little Rabbit" (Shfanfan) because of the silly way you look when you lift the visor off your eyes :) from my experience, this is the most realistically created low light goggles I've seen in a game. Very nicely done to prevent you from seeing in lighted areas (the goggles simply blind from the overload).
The last and I think, the most ingenious touch to the game is the motion scanner that was a major element of terror in both the first Alien Movies. The scanner blips softly when empty and emits a very disconcerting beep! when it covers a target. The analogy to your heart beat that accelrates just as your own does when you see a white blip start moving fast towards you is inevitable and I think.. The whole idea about the scanner.. Creepy :)
As in the film Alien 2, the damned thing doesn't show you the *height* of the target..

The drip drip drip of blood ...

Overall - Wow - Get it with any means possible !
This is a great game and it holds some really interesting multiplayer value !

BTW - for maximum effect, play in the dark with headphones - you won't get any sleep ... you've been warned :)
And remember some words of wisdom - "Short bursts ! Controlled fire !"



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