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Incoming: ( / YonmaN

Multi Vehicle Strategy/Action
Assesment - Wargasm with a simpler and better interface but still different from anything else ...

Different ?

More in feel than in actual play.

Incoming has a basic storyline that goes - Aliens bad, aliens invade, humans defend, yey for humans. This game might remind some of battle zone in it's "feel".
The small demo puts you in control of two unit types - a sentry turret and a chopper, in both cases you're killing something. As a turret you simply rotate around yourself and shoot missiles and flak at incoming bombing runs and as a chopper your tasked with stoping armored tank columns from approaching your base.
The game itself is obviously an action game, however, Incoming is promised to also hold a strategic aspect that sounds very much like the one in battlezone.
The feel of the game depends on the input device. This game was obviously designed with a joystick in mind. I as a Quake vet, opted immediately for using a mouse and soon found out the danged thing used a "vector" system for the mouse control - this "vector" system is actually an exact emulation of a joystick.

which I must say ... is kinda stupid.

Having switched to a joystick the game suddenly became incredibly easy to control. A mere handfull of buttons turn this game into a snatch to learn.. And beat.
However, vast improvement over this demo is promised by Rage for the upcoming release.
Such improvements will also include many more units - from civilian flyers and boats to bombers and tanks.

Graphics are treated oddly as far as I can see, you'd ecpect a demo to be at least fully operational in this field, however, Rage has not implemented (but promises to add to the release version) fog effects, animated skies and complex scenery objects.
As a side note, multiplayer in this game has received an.. Old fashioned handling with a "split screen" multi player mode - haven't seen those in ages :)

Overall -

Simple (to the verge of simplistic), short learning curve, splendid graphics and some cool gunfire noises make a nice game. Not much more than that. I sure hope the release version has more meat in it. err.. Don't get it for the story though..



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