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Redline: ( / YonmaN

Red Line - Gang Warfare
3D 1st person shooter/Action car DM, Techno/Cyberpunk
Assesment: Vroomvroom - boomboom :)

Well ...

Ever wanted to install a really big and really heavy 7.62 8 barrel 5000 rpm Vulcan Gatling gun on the hood of your car and go paint the town red ? ... well ... I have - and now is my chance to do it :)

This game's main focus is cars - not your everyday 4 action 8 cylinder civilian trotting 50 KPH cars ... oh no. This is about big, nasty looking V cylindered angry mooded Lawnmowers that also carry some heavy duty weapons on them. Red Line is about car gang warfare with the word cars as the main theme.

You start off as a regular looking badass and collect some every-day shooter weapons. The nice thing about them is that the weapons themselves are not *actual weapons* but your basic weapon morphs from one to another in nice slick mecahnical motions.

Not much to say here as weapons are pretty standard for pedestrians. But why drink and walk when you can Drink and drive ?

Cars are strewen about in the Arena waiting for some nasty people to pick'em up and go pile driving them. The cars themselves have "wounded" skins of varying degrees - you see shattered windows, bashed side pannels and so on as the damage accumilates. But the most beatifull specific are the cars themselves. Nicely made, beatifully skinned, the cars vary from fast tri-wheeled-bikes to heavy armored pickups and vans. all equiped with the next century's finest.

The demo I played had some eight distinct cars for playing in four ppl Deathmatch. The only thing which is a shame that sometimes the games come down to wild jousting matches where you just drive at each other and whip the other guys with as much fire power as possible ...

but there are other interesting things also - CTF is promised to be built in supported and more cars and weapons are to be rolled into the game.

Overall - interesting - the cars are great we'll have to wait and see what happens with the rest.



  • Game demo (15.7MB) :
  • MPEG demo (3.8MB) :