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After the Fall:

A total conversion of quake, After the Dark uses not even a single drop of texture or modules from quake, being a brand new graphical game for a cooperative game with a twitch.

Designing of this TOC reminds me much of Duke Nukem, as it features strange weapons, realistic level design and similar creatures. Weapons include a Duke-like pistol, shotgun, weird-jumping-something-shooter, chain-gun, laser RL and GL and more. All creatures have been remodeled and skinned, adding realism and animation as their still-pounding hearts bounce off their giblets!

Maps follow each other in logical order, with a hole new bunch of textures, over Sub-ways, sewers, core rooms, hotels and Chinese-like palaces. Even a television, as in Duke Nukem, is there, and some poor civilians the just want your protection :)

All sounds have been redone as well, but not much successfully I say.
A few bugs here and there, as coop-players who died cannot start the level in some situations, or getting stuck in waterfalls. Player modules also seem to be heavily bugged on GLquake ( yet, rest of graphics look very nice and colorful! )

Although the level design is nice looking -and well thought for coop. play- it might get bit annoying due to serious lack of ammo and enemies. Playing the TOC alone by yourself might be bit annoying, and even the designed-for coop. play isn't the most exciting.

We took some screen-shots, yet, a demo doesn't seem relevant, I don't recommend d/l this ( ark! 19 MB ).

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