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LM CTF Addendum:

Everything I'm writing here I've gleaned from messing up with the MOD
in the LAN party itself and trying out things.


I've tried out the Referee and Rcon modes and here's what I've found.

The main upgrade (relevant to the Israeli Quake Servers) are the
Referees and Rcons. Referee are simply a limited version of the Rcon
so I will start of with the latter.

Rcons are basically server masters. The Rcon menu simply allows an
Rcon to change settings, arrange matches and while meddling with the
players. Troublesome players can be kicked out, attention can be
purchased by literally pausing the game - no one but the Referee can
move about.

Rcons can also remotely bring up or down servers and also save server
settings into a server.cfg file.  More in administration are capture and
server events logs, through which referees and Rcons can verify legal capturing and scoring.

Player gaming statistics can be monitored in game, to check for ping
averages, play stats and scoring. More server options include ping
barriers - minimum and maximum ping, whose crossing triggers a  message to the resident referee notifying him of the felon's identity.

These features are quite ground breaking, allowing for "power users"
and administrators in quake servers. I hope Netvision upgrades soon
and delegates players to referee ranks.