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Ages of Empire II:

The First Age of Empires game was surely no fluke, as it's graphics and detialed animation were outstanding. But now, not only these have been retained, also new features such as water reflection and towering structures (which are about 3-5 times bigger this time around) will give the game an even more realistic and proportional sense.

AoE II will take picks up where AoE left off, at 450AD to 1450AD, and thus the game will take place at the medieval times. Germans, French, Swedes, Celtics, Byzantine, Japanies and Vikings are all into the battles. Not only the game will hold 13 civilizations, new gameplay features like way-points settings, special units (Japan has Ninjas), balanced resource management, formations for military units, and improved naval tactics.

Despsite there, the best edittion to the game as far as I see it is the diplomatic and economics option, which was already it AoE but wasn't much of a factor. Now, as claimed, this side of the game will be much more powerfull and extensive, reminding the Civilization-type negotiating or my beloved Mater of Magic dimlopacy play.

For now, thats about all Ensamble Studios has revealved about this game, along with these Screen shots, and the fact it will also be playable via Microsoft's Gaming Zone. With time, more information will be updated here.


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