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Windows98 Hell:

well - I guess the title tells it all.

I installed Win98 final beta - that's the last minute
before-getting-on-the-shelf beta version ... so I guess I got a pretty
good idea of what's going on ... and it ain't pretty.
Microsoft strike again and fumble miserably. Win98 is a self-destructing system of very little parallel. Read on to find out about my three weeks in
hell with Win98.

The first week went by quite well. I learned allot about FAT 32's
capabilities and features and this is indeed some piece of work. But this
very same blessing of more space and speed soon became a trap. Read

Win98 has some very nice features. The telephony system was
imported from Win NT 4 and implemented nicely into win98.
Internet Explorer 4, which comes integrated into the OS is as expected
a terrible nag, although it too has some nice gizmos...
( Hey ! I'm a Netscape diehard  too!) such as the HTML and graphics formats previews.

Win98 claims to be faster than 95 and more comfortable to use.
Comfotrability is a matter of taste but speed - well, let's say win98 is as
slow as a pregnant yak when we talk about program speeds but is faster
when loading TSRs into memory.

problemos ...

now for the ugly parts. In week 2 I stumbled on some disturbing jinks
and an occasional crash of DLLs and VXDs. On week 3 I couldn't play a
game of Quake 2 for a full 15 minutes without mysterious freezes and
lockups which only a Cold Reset solved. A rumor I've heard springs to
mind now - that Win98 identifies third party DLLs, marks them obsolete
and replaces them with (sometimes) older DLLs of Microsoft's make !

Next my swapfile had the most weird bug - It grew in proportions till my
virtual memory drive was totally full to the last bit. very amusing, Bill must be having a good laugh.Things only got worst though as win98
went about falling apart and taking programs, files and other stuff down with it but I couldn't uninstall it, I had all my drives on FAT32 - win95
can't read  FAT32 ...
so I finally managed to get pqmagic (Power Quest partition  magic, god bless their souls) to get those partitions back to FAT16 without killing
too much data.

now for the best.

The uninstall program. People, Microsoft have found their calling here - they have totally outdone themselves - literally and without sarcasm. The win98 to win95 uninstall program is one of the most efficient and accurate Microsoft applications I've ever seen. the Uninstaller checks the saved registry and other system files and updates the old ones by cross checking them with the new. so that after a reboot or two your system is exactly as you left win98 with. Very smooth, very nicely done. Too bad it's only the uninstall ... or maybe ... lucky us :)

conclusion - do not install win98 - I highly recommend to avoid this OS
until it is thoroughly patched up.