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lM CTF Tournament Edition:

LM CTF was recently updated, adding allot of features to enhance the the gameplay and configuration options, adding a large amount of commands and new graphics.

In-game updates:
A few non-player modes have been added, which very to a chase-camera and a referee. Chase Camera keeps a good perspective, as it doesn't move "inside" the player. Simultanacely, it is optional to become an observer immediately from the game.

The new referee mode, allows a selected player to take control of the server, starting a unique match under his settings. The match will consist of a pre-round, where players can play freely, off statistics and score and with no flags. Adjusted time-warnings will pop-up as the pre-round will get to it's end. Next will come the main round, CTF style with all stats. taking part. When round is over, 5 minutes are given to view stats. and swapping tales, before the referee is given the option if to start the match again, or to go back to the default LM CTF game.
Referee can be an observer / Chase-cam-dude or a player himself.

Along with the non-player modes, a few adjustments were made, as the player is now able to be informed of various statistics concerning his,
his friends and the flag, using a variety of commands:

A Compass is displayed on the right upper corner, pointing at your flag, the opponent's or regularly at north.
Auto Binds as already in the previous version, now better, the Auto Binds displays a message of your location, using a built-in set of commands. This saves precious time of binding each location. For example, binding a key to "say I'm fryn' at %p", will add your location ( near Red armor). Different "%"s will report your general location, health \ armor \ weapon \ etc. condition and your team.
Radio has, unfortunately, remained as is as far for its usage system, still that bit clumsy menu, but of course each sound can still be bound specifically. New radio command - the say_voice - allows the player to play a sound that will be heard only by the players in his room. This, however, requires a specific binding for each sound.

Additional statistics can be printed, regarding the player location and playing achievements ( a.i. kills, deaths, efficiency, captures, flag-loses etc.. command is "stats <player name>" / "all".

Graphical and sound enhancements:
Allot of work was put in here, but none was changed in the maps or weapons. Skins and Modules were done, and a hole bunch of them for our greedy eyes.  Artifact's animations was nicely improved, along with a few new sounds to the radio menu ( and a new grapple sound!! ooh boy! =).

Bit of a side-kick change, but as far as I see a very important adjustment, was the health-ammo-armor display, now shown in shiny green, easy and comfy to glance at while you're trying to get that team-mate fool outta your way while you run with your flag.. =)

Additional add-on packs are already, as more will come, available from their site. For the rest of features, you can read our preview of the previous version of LM CTF, available from IQN.