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Quest for Glory V:

The Quest for Glory series, as much as the rest of Sierra's, goes back years ago, as this project has been kept aside for along time...

But about a year ago, Sierra has announced the sequel, which some have thought will never come. Yet, I couldn't say so myself, since the each of the game was over one of the four elements Three were covered, while the last game - QfG IV : Shadows of Darkness didn't concern them at all, and was just a mid-phase in the story.

And so, QfG returns, and from what I have seen - with all its glory.
This time the game will use a new 3D engine, from a 3rd person view, across 2D beautiful rendered backgrounds. 3D might look bit sluggish, but hey, I use(d) a Cirrus Logic =)

Gameplay remains as is : Good old quests to perform as your character evolves and improves its enlarged variety of skills, while given the option to choose from the typical Fighter, Magic-User and Thief ( my favorite =), and now also a *****. The story will still evolve in a 24-hour cycle, as the day changes to evening, morning noon etc. The time will be, once more, a factor to be considered ( like the Igor situation ;-).

One of the major editions to the game, is the new combat mode. As in the previous games, when encountering a creature, the view changed to to a side 2D perspective, you on one side, it on the other. This time, the engine allows the combat to pursue in the very location you are in in a totally 3D environment, letting you use objects around you as combat factors
( e.i. chairs, tables etc. ).

Spending my time downloading its 45MB demo was not a waste of time, since I was very happy to see Sierra spent allot of time of little details, same the ones which made the previous games so great ( if... any of you actually played them =), including the fantastic humor QfG has always been remembered for.

I have already pre-ordered it through the net, and I recommend the same for any QfG fan!

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