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Now this is a mod for us quake 1 lovers! more meat, more fryn' weapons stupid bots that only die good and some giblets that keep on moving.
Though small, it also contains new sounds and textures, colored packs and the usual double-press weapons system.
No real use of describing each of the weapons.. just the best =) :

Along with the GL you have an option for explosive grenades, shooting nails. It doesn't bounce but it makes a happy boom.. one more click will give you the Cluster bomb launcher.. Snailgun and Super Shotgun are now doubled (a.i. 2 hands-2 weapons), also switched with Pulsar (x5 nailer), freezer and flamers.

The rockets fly slower I think, but a nice tweak are the homing missiles. After you launch it you become it, flying and navigating it through the
level till you hit someone. The thing is you cant move your body when flying the rockets. O fcourse there are much much more (including BFG!)
but this isn't interesting. What are so, are the little things which were
added the the MOD: legs-giblets that keep on squinting on the floor,
heads the spill tons of blood and some cool death screams!
(reminds me of UFO2 screams) (ahhh, sniff, now that's a game!).

There are tons of other stuff that crack you up, like funny lines you see after you respawn .
(like - "fatality? AGAIN?" or "give'em wood !!!" that almost made me
fall out of my chair - and that's one chair mama ;-). In addition, the camera randomly follows your head-giblet - which spills a few good liters of
blood by the way - or flies up to catch the hole scene, very nice.
It's also available to play with back camera. You can duck, somehow
slide and crouch and even play dead!

other features: hook, new runes like immunity to runes and reflected-projectiles (really cool!), radar, statistics, and...
some single-player challenge!
-"Single player??"
Aye, strange but true. The monsters move fast, shoot rapidly
like human player), some have skins and even the Ogres aim their grenades - and  they love to throw'em plenty Aye..
I didn't check the deeper levels but I did notice there are also evil,
demonic ghoulish red ogres that fire rockets! arrg!
For conclusion: Great MOD, LP-worth-checkn' which most of you will
enjoy, I hope.

Fry sucker!  Look out! grenades!  Hot! hot!
Flamer  Beautiful trail   Shiny giblets...

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