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Frankly, I never thought any of the upcoming q2/unreal-engine-users games will be something interesting, except Duke Nukem Forever. However, I am more than happy to see game designers do find ways to surprise any of us, and so they did in SiN.

So much is in this game it's hard to find a place to start.
Yet, I assume what got to me the most was the huge atmosphere of the game, which reminds me of good old Duke- as but realistic as quake 2.
No aliens (
at least not in the demo ) for now, but a group of terrorists which has taken over a bank, led by some mad scientist called Manchini
or whatever he is... ). The game feels so inside, much more than any I've played this far, as wonderful background sounds of your force mates getting their butt kicked, good action music and nicely done terrorists
than break the roof's glass and drop down with ropes next to you
a la swat style ).

The sensitive skin, which turned out far better than what I understood from the game's previews, improves combat fantastically.
Each model was divided to head, legs,arms and chest -each has its own armor ( chest and arms are one ) and own damage infliction. This allows you to choose how would you like to have your fights, fast and brief as you go for the skull, or fun and brutal ( fry'em all! =) ) as you spray the legs and arms for hours and watch them endlessly vibrate as bullets hit them and as th.. err.

Many times you'll find the sniper-shot to the head very useful, if you can make it. Reasonably enough, taking a man down with single head-shot
will leave his armor in perfect shape for you to loot (
looting corpses, another new feature ).

Blade, the main character, was equipped with a variety of hilarious punch-lines, often cracking me while I was shooting the goons. All sounds and speeches in general are excellent and funny.

Gameplay allows, as promised, much interaction with the environment -much as in Hexen2- and even more...

If you still didn't download it because your ISP is.... err, malfunctioning?I recommend at warmly, as I find it -at least it's single player- more than better than q2's.

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