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Super Heroes II:

The Basic of this MOD is that each player can choose his own super powers, and thus become a super hero.
Simple and nice.

At the respawn point, I was given three powers to fill-up: Active, Passive and Special powers. The active powers are used specifically by the player each time and take a while to recharge, while the two others are having their effect all the time or the player or on its surroundings.

There are plenty of powers to choose from in each category.
A guardian angel that picks up things for you or death-angel that fires along with you, player-sucktions or bizarre proximity powers. Some of them look very nice like invisibility which blurs the look with smoke and transparency.
The idea is to find the best combination, for example having the black-hole power that pulls everyone to you when used while a passive power like being radioactive takes care of them along..

Each power has its own nice icon on the side of the screen and can be changed at every respawn point randomly. The MOD also enables map cycling queue when running servers and offers a variety of good super-heroes skins.


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