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Now That's a MOD I've Been waiting for.
Unfortunately I'm probably going to have to wait longer ...

Brazen is a MOD that attempts something I've been rolling in my own mind - Realistic gun fights, realistic
(as real as you can get ... ) weapons and by god - Realistic fun !

I must tell you - they made it - Brazen is what I've dreamed of ... BUT - or rather, BUGS !

Brazen is still beta staged and suffers from quite a few bugs - that is however only expected in such a project.

Bugs aside, the MOD itself is amazing. a few features to name - Weapons fixed up ( not juiced up like in other MODS) so that they have two firing modes, Realistic damage system (more realistic is the wording I'd use), weight system (yep ! no more running around carrying the entire world), clip system - god it's great ! and to top it all off - Two weapons style fighting ("face off" double pistols sound fun ? it does to me !). Suddenly, running with two machine guns instead of crawling with that cursed rocket launcher, is a very good idea. 

Details - com'n'get'em !

The most complicated part of this MOD is no doubt the Clip system. It's obvious allot of thought went down this tube - so lets take a closer look at it.

The story - first, god created bullets. great. we take a handful n' stuff'em down a pistol magazine. now what ? then god grace us with High Velocity bullets. Uh-oh ... whadda we do oh lord ? for thine people's magazines are filled with regulars ... and the lord said : " Iiiiiidiots ! empty them and fill'em up !"

So. sounds simple eh ? not quite. you select the ammo type you want ( High Velocity bullets, Regular Bullets, Explosive Shells, Regular Shells) and use it. then you select the appropriate magazine. Meanigly - you have different magazines for different weapons -
Pistol, Machine gun, Shotgun, Assault Shotgun and Sniper Rifle. Shotguns can use Shells only, machine gun and sniper rifle can use bullets only. Pistol can use'em all.

ok. so we wanna use HV bullet's with the sniper rifle. we get ourselves a sniper rifle magazine (where ? I dunno ... maybe at the super market). We select the HV bullets in the inventory and click "using". Then select the desired magazine.

Sheesh eh ? this means that before charging into battle you have to prepare your magazines ... how more realistic can you get ?

Personally, I liked the older, simpler, clip system ... and will also write to the brazen team about it.

The MOD also sports the infamous two Weapons style - extra fun and versatility as you can load a shotgun with explosive shells and a machinegun with HV bullets and use them in conjunction to Kill'em All, your enemies of course :)

Health also leaps into another dimension - no more +20 points o' health packs. health packs here only influence your healing rate, which when bleeding is on the minus "points" per second or when healing turns into a plus "points" per second. this may sound complicated, but put to practice, is a very nifty healing system, which suddenly turns the optional medic man (in CTF of course) into a real must.

Weight is suddenly a factor, as everything and anything has a weight value - that shotgun weighs something, that armor weighs some more and that rocket launcher will bring your weight system to bare - as you barely shuffle loaded with things.

The ChainGun is finally brought to it's proper place as one of the most devastating weapons in the MOD. when you pick up a Chaingun you will immediately know it - it weighs some 150 points but holds everything u need to work it, Terminator style. 999 bullets (it's Allot believe me, enough for some twenty seconds + of non stop firing) and ... a chaingun.

I can go on talking about this MOD forever. It is indeed incredible. Shotgun and I test ran it in his LAN party on the 29/8 and we had an incredible time fighting in combat where that single bullet could cost you the fight.

Overall - an incredible MOD, has to be a great CTF play and will be accordingly tested.

Let'em at me ! Say hello to my twin friends :) Reload ! Life, thru the eyes of a sniper A pissed pistol

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