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Kick !:

Brutal Team Action Soccer.
New skins, New Entities, New sounds.
Assestment - Gooooaaal !!! :) ...

Well, frankly I didn't know whay to except ... after seeing this MOD strike out as second place in the PCgamer MOD contest I figured it should be something special, and ooh baby, it is !

Kick ! is a Soccer oriented quake 2 MOD that lets two teams play ... soccer with guns and no roses. There are four different game types - Frag Ball, Battle Ball, Kick Ball and Team Deathmatch.

Ok, first with the simplest - Team DM, good'ol style Team Deathmatch, no goals, no kicks, no balls (errrr ... well ... you know ... ).

Now for the balls - Frag ball is a game type where every gibbed corpse produces a ball of it's team's color. This ball must then be processed to be scored in the gibbed guy's goal ... Chaotic and fun. Weapons, of course, Work here.

Battle Ball - One ball for all, classic Soccer, but for the guns and explosions. shooting the ball will of course blast it to the opposing direction. neatly done for really fun team games.

Kick Ball - same as Battle ball, but ... no gouns .... heck - better play Fifa 98 :)

Gameplay wise, the MOD is very simple - move over the ball to kick it, the angle of your vision determines the direction of the kick - look up, you kick high.

Both teams have their own locker rooms stuffed with weaponry and equipped with team sensitive doors that will not allow baddies in.

Some in game features - Gibs produce arms and legs which are strewn about, also, RJ enthusiasts will be glad to know that RJs work in Kick :) also, score board numbers change according to current score (duh) :) Like in Rocket Arena There's a spectator balcony.

Can't wait to try this one out with eight players :)

score is tie ! it's a lovely day for a game ! Oh my ! the violence ! now this is what I call a locker room

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