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MOD name

Brutal Ball Bouncing
New Skins, Entities, Levels
Assesment - gotta love it :)


The name says it all, doesn't it ?

NO !

My impressions of Qpong have wildly out done my excpectations. PC Gamer sure chose well, in my opinion.

The MOD itself has a simple concept - two teams with goal posts to defend and huge ball's'o'iron running around in between, crushing people. The fantastic aspect of the MOD is the fact that the balls themselves are a very effective weapon. shooting the ball so it crushes somebody actually grants you more points than a regular frag.

There are four Levels taht come with Qpong, very well made, my favorite is Qpong3 as the middle corridor has collums that make sure you can't just shoot the ball down the ally.

The balls themselves are responsive in a "realistic" way, bouncing when shot from beneath and dropping on sombody's head. They have a second skin "bloody" skin set, having crushed sombody ...

Beyond the balls (which are the focus of the game) there ain't that much added to the MOD, some new Team based skins and the levels make up the whole shabang.

Yet this MOD is so frantic and crazy, in one game we had too balls and things really got messy with people crushed right and left.

Chaaarge !!! Small corridor, Big Ball New skins ! The vorld !