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The War MOD:

Character based CTF.
New Weapons, Skins, New sounds.
Assessment - The embodiment of mediocrity ...

I was Kinda disappointed by this MOD ...

This Character MOD holds some nice ideas that rely on team play and character specialization. Characters are the ritual Soldier, Sniper, Gunner and Recon. There are a few new characters - some are new ideas, others just renames for existing ones. The Artillerist can build sort of a moving turret. The Commander has a special Radar screen with which he can coordinate his other team mates. The Supporter is a guy running around with ALOT of ammo and helping out his buddies who need ammo. The Miner lays ... mines ...

There are some weird bugs going on in the game, Texture warps and other mesh related things but possibly the most annoying, well, not a bug, just an effect which shows someone wasn't paying attention, that the guardian - the mobile turret, which has amazing potential, is moved without a "+" command. Meaningly - you have to click like crazy on the 'move' bound key to make the damned thing move
forward and like wise with attacking, turret behavior and rotation.

Grenades got a new more "real look" look - not realistic, just ... more real ...

Explosive weapons have been beefed up incredibly - making them far superior to any bullet weapon, with their increased area of effect - killing a man from an explosion from twice the normal distance from the explosion. More realistic, yes ... but some ppl (like me !) want to play with machine guns too once in a while. Quake 1 fanatics will be glad to know that because of this, you can rocket jump in this mod. Be
still my foolish heart.

There was one thing that really pissed me off in this MOD and that is the fact that the Sniper Rifle was ripped off from Team Fortress.

An off-genre idea presented here is that any character can pickup any weapon ... this I consider odd because the characters loose their uniqueness this way ...

This is a ... nice ... MOD. You can see people worked hard on this one, but still, the mesh bugs, the awkward guard gun controls, the fact that the guard gun is just a barrel with a muzzle on top shows that corners have been cut.

This MOD could have been alot better.

note : as of this date (21/9/98) there is a new version of the War MOD which will be Reviewed promptly

It just *looks* like a barrel Scanner ... cute Mine my ! nono .. My mine ! waidaminute ! I know that rifle !