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Weapons Factory:

Character based CTF.
New Weapons, Skins, New sounds.
Assestment - Pretty danged good !

Well ... a not-so-old MOD, based on a not-so-new concept - the memorable and nostalgic ... oh, the memories ... Team Fortress.

My first impression of this MOD was that it was a poorly crafted "Hantarish" of a cheap Japanese hack to TF. Needless to say, I've changed my mind drastically.

WF holds some nice gizmos, toys and options. The wfhelp command is in fact a set of nicely done menus that hold all the binds you need to play the MOD and an option to bind the basic ones automatically. As you join in a game (CTF of course) you are presented with a menu with options for joining one of two teams and the number of people in each one. After selecting a team you are prompted with a menu of character classes to play, by each class is the number of players already playing that class. Very elegant.

Nicely enough, character sets are pre-created - meaningly, three general characters, six profitioned characters or nine specialized characters.

The characters are (unsurprisingly) Recon, Sniper, Gunner, Nurse, Engineer, Cyborg, Arsonist (What the hell is that name ?!), Spy and Marine.

The Characters themselves have special skins - not as drastically different as TF but each character has a crest to identify it's role - a nurse has a red cross on her chest and so on.

The new weapons themselves aren't that impressive. Not the noise the original TF made. Only one new weapon model. The others just had their names changed and their projectiles altered. Still, there are a few nice ideas - The needle gun which fires syringes balistically, or the more deadly infected needle gun of the nurse. The gunner has a chaingun with a few functions, the marine holds some nice toys like laser
trip bombs and alarm sensors that alert the team that an enemy is closing.

Most impressive is the Engineer. He can build a weapon spawning platform - very nice and useful and of course, the nostalgic Turret o'
killus. This is one bitchin' baby turret we're talking about. At max upgrade, this baby packs two chainguns, and is smart enough to use them effectively. Ouch.

Some other weapons worth mentioning are the lightning gun that fires ... lightning or something ... I don't really know what to call it ... the different grenades that each character has - like the good year grenade or the sentry grenade.

All in all a very good patch. Could and should be worked on graphics wise, but hey - I ain't complaining.

Can't wait to try this MOD out.

yep .... it's a chaingun Classy ! Usmc, eh ? not so tough now ! Happy new year ! A look to kill Miss june Nurse Hathaway ! Syringes - make sure their clean though

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