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    January, 1-2004- "Happy new year and here i go with 4 new skyboxes!"

Well, an update and release the first day of the year with four new skyboxes.
A strong way to begin this new year wich will see hopefully the born of Doom3 and Half Life2 and... well, let's proceed with the description of my new skyboxes =):

·Jajlands2, formed by a very colourful mountainscape with a greenish sky. I've experimented here a bit more with the combination of different surfaces to obtain that colourful result.
·Jajcannons1, situated in the center of a kind of a circular cannon, i didn't know quite well how to name this one, i think the name given finally is more or less accurate.
Beautiful and peculiar environment.
·Jajdarkland1, as its name indicates this environment is a dark, threatening place, possibly i've been influenced here at some degree by a film i saw some days ago, i don't think i had to say wich film =).
I've also made a wallpaper for this one.
·Jajice1, i touched this theme when made Jajsnow1, but it wasn't exactly an ice land, it was necessary then to make a land that was situated nearer the North/South pole.
It's situated in the middle of what appears to be an iced lake or an isolated portion of ocean, who knows, and i like the result.

The Quake2 versions aren't available for the moment, they will as soon as i can.

I hope you like and use these new skyboxes... and the older ones too.


November, 9-2003- "New Skybox: Jajsundown1"

Again a new skybox for Quake3&2, no much free time for a new map grrr... .
This is a precious skybox indeed!, i love it and as its name indicates is a sundown in the middle of the ocean, i would love to see this creature in a map =).
This time also i've added a wallpaper in two different resolutions, 800x600 and 1024x768, if you want to get it, you have to right click over the image once loaded into the window and save it.
If you want i could upload the two wallpapers in their bmp versions too.
I hope you like it.


August, 13-2003- "The Q2 versions..."

Well, here they are finally, after some fighting with the q2 palette ;-).
Check the Quake2 versions for jajsnow1, jajsnow1a, jajalien1 and jajlands1.
Enjoy them.


August, 2-2003- "Three new skyboxes."

Long time has passed since i updated the page last time, but it's better late than never =).
Here i go with three new skyboxes... they are four really, but one of them is a variation of another.
Well, i procceed with their names and a very little description:

·Jajsnow1, as its name suggests this is a snowy environment with mountains surrounding a quite big and plane area.

·Jajsnow1a This is another version of Jajsnow1 with no clouds at all.

·Jajalien1 is situated in a strange hostile planet; red skies and green fog, beautiful but not suitable for human life, i guess.

·Jajlands1 is a landscape formed by greenish mountains, and rivers and lakes here and there.

The Quake2 versions for these skyboxes will be available as soon as i can.

I hope you like them.


March, 12-2003- "Jajlake2 skybox for Quake2 available."

I almost forget it, hope it'll be worthy for some q2 map =).
Download it, or visit the skies section to take a look first.


February, 17-2003- "Jaj's Birthday"

Well, the reason of this update is that today is my birthday, simply that =).
It would had been better with a new map release, but it hasn't been possible.

I plan to release new Quake3 maps (possibly a concept map too), also that Quake2 version of Jaj1dm2, and of course, i don't forget Quake1, but i can't say or promise when, i've been busy lately.
All i have to do now is a little bit of self organization and the maps will flow, i think.


December, 10-2002- "Jaj2dm2 delayed and a new skybox."

Hi again, almost four months before.
To this date i hoped to have the "Jaj1dm2" conversion for Quake2 practically finished, but Murphy did his job and this guy works quite well.
In other words, i had a massive data lost due to a power cut, and think that i had planned to make a security copy on a cd for two days after, really =).
Anyway, i could recover a lot of the lost data included a .map file from an older stage of this map, i will have to redo a lot of work, so i don't know when the map will be finished, but it will, that's sure.

On the other hand, i've released a new skybox for Quake3 and similar games. It's a foggy lake surrounded by green mountains, the kind of land that i imagine for the Helm's Abyss battle in the second part of "Lord of the Rings", more or less, we'll see.
There is no Quake2 version at this moment because i've still not reinstalled the game, but i hope it'll be available in a few weeks, so stay tuned.
There is also a wallpaper of the skybox at two resolutions (800x600 and 1024x768), it looks quite nice, take a look.


August, 25-2002- "New skybox."

Here i go again with a new skybox.
This time is an environment located in a planet that looks quite similar to Mars and that actually is half way in a terraformation process. Check it here, hope you like it.

By the way, i'm actually making two maps, one is the "Jaj1dm2" conversion for Quake2, and the other is a Quake3 one. But both are advancing quite slowly due to lack of time, but i'm on it =).


June, 25-2002- "Something spacial."

Lately i was remembering "2001: A space odissey", both the film and the book and its sequels (2010, 2061 and 3001), surely because i read them all in a summer some years ago =).
Inevitably, i wanted to make spacial skyboxes, so i've been experimenting a bit with two tools dedicated to generate spacial images, named "Universe" and "Lunar Cell", and the result are two new skyboxes for Quake3 and Quake2. Check them on the skies section.


June, 05-2002- "Jaj's Fragtory!."

Finally, i've done not only the page redesign but also changed the site's name, it took more time than promised, but i've had almost no time, my apologies.
I never was too convinced with the old name, "Jaj's quake page", and also i had in mind, "Jaj's Fragtory", for quite some time ago, so here it is =).
About the new look, i think the page needed it, the old one was... boring, rigid┐?... this new look is far better. I got the old page, changed some things here and there, made some new graphics and voila!.

As you can see there is a new section called "Skies", and to begin there are 2 skyboxes, both for quake3 and quake2, i hope you like them.


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