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Voodoo 2 (Creative)

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Voodoo 1 (Diamond 3D Monster)

Map in Focus

32Smooth (32Smooth)
Type: CTF
One hidden Quad in each team's base, plus several game play features which encourage/ensure team play.

Author: Derek Moore (DrSmooth[OSKI])

Latest News

Wednesday 18/Dec/02 - Here is a link to Fileplanet's new TF Map section. There is a number of new maps posted along with a map pack containing the most popular maps.

Tuesday 03/MAR/2002 - 99% of download links on this site are dead. Fileplanet have a small number of TF maps hosted.

This site may soon disappear.

A BIG THANKS go out to all the maps authors who made TF the best Mod for Quake.

Saturday 19/MAY/2001 - Map in Focus added

Friday 29/DEC/2000 - Updated Quake Links. Link to Mega TF added.

Friday 29/DEC/2000 - Added TF Servers to the TF Quake Servers Section.

Friday 29/DEC/2000 - Added New Mega TF Servers to the Mega TF Quake Servers Section.

Wednesday 13/DEC/2000 -

Three Years of TF Map Zone

Saturday 09/DEC/2000 - 2men & a fast mofo + techboy Teamfortress addon now available once again for download. This pak was created by DOX.

This zip contains new models, skins, sounds for the classes Soldier, Hwyguy, Scout & Engineer plus a whole bunch of new miscellaneous models for teamfortress 1.

Saturday 21/OCT/2000 - 2Fortse (2fort Special Edition Final) download location updated.

Saturday 30/SEP/2000 - Maps Just Released section updated with more new Maps.

Wednesday 26/JUL/2000 - Added Three New Mega TF Servers to the Mega TF Quake Servers Section.

Saturday 06/MAY/2000 - Maps Just Released section updated with more new Maps.

Friday 28/JAN/2000 - Maps Just Released section updated with one new Maps.
  1. Tf2k (The Final 2 Kingdoms)

2Fortse (2fort Special Edition Final)
Sunday 16/JAN/2000 - New map review of 2Fortse (2fort Special Edition Final), now available.

Sunday 16/JAN/2000 - Maps Just Released section updated with nine new Maps.
  1. 2Fortse (2fort Special Edition Final)
  2. 2Machse (2Mach Special Edition Final)
  3. Hunted_2fort_qw (Hunted entities for 2fortx)
  4. M_arena (Multi Arena)
  5. Invsn1 (]The invasioN[)
  6. Wr1 (Practice1)
  7. 3Team3 (3 Team War!)
  8. Sinz (The Sinz )
  9. Sq5 (-=Square 5=-)

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